Eliminate QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001 With These Simple Tips

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QuickBooks Error 6073-99001 Accounting
Sep 25, 2023

The QuickBooks company file is a written document that contains all the sensitive details of the business, and it is important to keep it safe. But, most often, the users might fail to launch the data file due to QuickBooks Error 6073 99001. This issue mainly arises when the file is placed in the read-only network folder.

If you find yourself stuck with Error 6073, -99001 in QuickBooks, then getting rid of it on an earlier basis is very important. We have created this write-up to enlighten you about the possible causes and the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue. So, get ready to fix this issue without much effort and begin working with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Do you find it difficult to fix the QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001 on your own due to a lack of technical knowledge? In that scenario, you no longer need to worry, just place a call at 1-844-266-9345, and our professionals are ready to help you in the best possible manner.

How Can You Describe QuickBooks Error Code 6073, -99001? 

The QuickBooks Error Code 6073, -99001 mainly belongs to the 6000 series of errors that appear while accessing the data file.  Most often, the users might confront this error when they fail to open the company file if it’s already been opened by another user simultaneously. Every time the error pops up, it starts throwing the following error message on the screen stating:

“QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user…… Error Codes (6073, -99001).” 

Unfortunately, this error won’t allow the users to access their QuickBooks company file, which might hamper their workflow. So, to regain access to the QuickBooks data file, it’s best to fix it quickly using proper resolution methods. But before doing that, let’s check out the root causes behind this error.

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Why Do Users Experience QuickBooks Company File Error 6073, -99001? 

Diagnosing the root causes that trigger the QuickBooks Company File Error 6073, -99001 is essential. Doing so will help you find the right fix to resolve the issue properly. Therefore, to keep you updated regarding the factors that give rise to the error, look at the causes listed below.

  1. The users might face this company file error when the file is already open in any system in single-user mode.
  2. In other instances, it may happen when your file is located on a Linux server, and multiple login details are used to login into the shared folder.
  3. You are accessing the file with the help of the remote software, including (LogMeIn, GoToMyPc, etc.) and at the same time, the host computer notices that you have still signed into your system.
  4. Sometimes, the users fail to access the company file when it lies in a read-only network folder.

How Can I Determine the Occurrence Of Error 6073, -99001 QuickBooks? 

Multiple company file errors in QuickBooks, including 6176, -600 -1007, 6210, 6073, -99001, etc., pop up when the users fail to access the QuickBooks data file. Below are some signs and symptoms that will help you identify the occurrence of Error 6073, -99001 QuickBooks.

  • Your system will start behaving inappropriately and start freezing repeatedly.
  • The users won’t be able to pursue their ongoing business tasks due to the interruption of QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001.
  • In certain instances, the users might experience that the QuickBooks program begins to freeze every now and then.
  • Sometimes, you may observe an interruption in the internet connection.

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What Must You Do to Figure Out QuickBooks Error Code 6073 and 99001? 

Finding the right fit according to the error is important; otherwise, it would be useless. So, it is important to fix the error at the right time using the correct resolution methods. Below we have explained all the possible solutions that will help you seamlessly deal with QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001.

Resolution Way 1: Fixing the Error 6073, -99001 In QuickBooks Manually

Herein, we have discussed different cases to resolve Error Codes 6073-99001 QuickBooks. 

1: When your data file is already open in another workstation in single-user mode.

  1. Begin the process by closing the QuickBooks application on all the computers.
  2. After this, you must launch the company file on the Host computer.
  3. In the next step, move to the File menu and choose the highlighted Switch to Multi-User Mode option.
  4. If you are still receiving the same issue again, you must relaunch all your workstations.

2: If your Data File is already open on Host computer in Single User Mode 

  1. Initially, open the QuickBooks File menu and click the Close Company option.
  2. After this, relaunch the company file and navigate to the File menu.
  3. Thereon, choose the Open or Restore Company > Open a Company file > Next option.
  4. You are supposed to pick the company file and then hit the Open file in multi-user mode. Later on, tap the Open button to conclude the process.

3: When Your Company File is Stored on a Read-Only Network Folder 

  1. In the first place, you must access the computer hosting the company file.
  2. You are supposed to look for the folder that contains your QuickBooks company file.
  3. Once you get the QuickBooks folder, right-click on it to pick the highlighted Properties option.
  4. Afterwards, navigate to the Security tab and pick the users facing difficulty during login. Later on, go to the Edit option to proceed further.
  5. Now, you must ensure that you have given Full Control to assign all the rights to the users.
  6. End the entire process by choosing Apply, followed by the OK button.

Resolution Way 2: Take the Help Of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  1. To repair the issues in QuickBooks Company file, download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. After this, double-tap on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to open it on your device.
  3. You are supposed to go through the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation process.
  4. Go to the desktop and double-tap on QuickBooks Tool Hub to open it.
  5. In the next step, move to Company File Issues and then hit the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  6. Now, you must pick the company file from the options below and once you get the file click the Browse option.
  7. Navigate to the Check Your File option > Continue option.
  8. Thereon, add the correct Admin credentials and tap the Next button.

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Resolution 3: Try to Change the Name of Network Data (.ND) File

  1. Begin the procedure by clicking the Start menu and then hit the Windows Explorer option
  2. Thereon, you must search for the folder that carries your QuickBooks data files. 
  3. Afterwards, right-click the company file with the network data and QuickBooks file extension. Later on, choose the Rename option and include .OLD at the end of the file name. 
  4. Finally, try to open the QuickBooks application and then the data file to verify if the QuickBooks Error Code 6073 99001 is resolved. 

Resolution 4. Verify the .ND and .TLG Files Are Marked Hidden 

  1. In the first place, choose the “My Computer” option and then click Tools > Folder option
  2. Afterwards, navigate to the View tab and opt for the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” tab. 
  3. Thereon, you must launch the data folder to check the network data file. 
  4. Furthermore, right-click on the .ND file and pick the Properties option to proceed further.
  5. End the process by removing the Hidden option and hitting the OK button

Resolution 5.  Give Full Control to Access Your Data File 

Sometimes, the users might encounter QuickBooks Error 6073, 99001 when the data file is stored in a read-only network folder and you attempt to make certain changes. In that scenario, you must assign full control using the steps below. 

  1. First of all, launch the Host computer on your device and navigate to the folder that carries your data file.
  2. After this, right-click on the folder and go with the Properties option.
  3. Thereon, pick the Security tab and select the users confronting issues during the log-in. Later on, hit the Edit option to go further. 
  4. You must ensure you have marked the “Allow for full Full Control” checkbox. 
  5. End the process by hitting the Apply button followed by OK

Wrapping It Up!!

We hope you find this post worth reading and helpful in dealing with the complicated QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001. Thus, it helps you regain your data file and pursue your ongoing business task. If you still face issues accessing the data file, consult our professionals at 1-844-266-9345 anytime. They will give you the surety to provide you with the best approaches to cope with the issue quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ans. You must remember certain points before you resolve QuickBooks Error 6073 -99001.

  1. Verify that your device is linked with a good and high-speed internet connection.
  2. Make sure you are accessing the correct path to access the QuickBooks company file.
  3. Moreover, you must ensure that you access the QuickBooks Desktop’s up-to-date version.

Ans. Whenever the users encounter QuickBooks Error Code 6073, -99001, they won’t be able to access the data file. Consequently, it will hamper productivity, which might cause a severe loss to the company. So, it is essential to fix the issue using the solutions listed in the post above as soon as possible.

Ans. Sometimes, the issue is caused due to minor glitches in the system. Therefore, restarting the system might help fix the Error 6073, -99001 in QuickBooks so that you can regain access to the data file.

Ans. The users can access the Quick Fix My Program tool via QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve QuickBooks Error 6073, -99001 if the host computer is logged in through the remote software. After this, you must go to the Program Problems section of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Ans. If you cannot overcome the QuickBooks Company File Error 6073, -99001, in that scenario, you can get assistance from our highly skilled experts. You can connect with our highly-certified xperts via live chat or email support facility for quick resolution.

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