Quickly Eliminate Multi-User Hosting QuickBooks Error H303

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QuickBooks Error H303 Accounting
Jan 22, 2024

Encountering the multi-user mode errors in QuickBooks like QuickBooks Error H303 is quite common which usually generates while shifting to the multi-user mode. In other instances, it could happen due to the problems generated due to misconfigured network configuration. Consequently, the improper network settings interrupt the essential link between the QuickBooks users and the data file. As a result, it might lead to issues while accessing the company file data. So, to rectify the issue, it’s important to cross-check the network configuration and fix the ports correctly. Continue reading this post till the end, to grab more details regarding this error so that you can regain access to the multi-mode. 

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What Do You Mean By QuickBooks Error H303?

QuickBooks error code H303 is one of the common H-series errors that generally interrupt users when they are operating QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. As a great contributor to disturbing and hampering productivity, this error occurs with a supporting text message reading, “This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” Apart from the incorrect configuration of the QuickBooks multi-user hosting settings, the issue can occur due to many more factors, which we will discuss further in this blog. So, let’s continue with the same.

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What Could Be The Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error Code H303? 

We have listed some of the general factors that mainly provoke the QuickBooks error code H303. Carefully read them out to reach the exact roots of this annoying multi-user hosting error in the QuickBooks Desktop application:

  1. The error may occur when the essential QuickBooks component files, including the Transaction Log File (.TLG) and Network Data File (.ND), are corrupted or damaged.
  2. When QuickBooks fails to trace the IP address of your server computer, it results in a multi-user network glitch.
  3. Poor multi-user hosting configuration is another one of the most evident factors causing the QuickBooks error code H303.
  4. Often, the Firewall Defender can block the multi-user hosting settings that make users face issues while accessing the QuickBooks company files.
  5. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager and QBCF services must be active, or else it may hamper your multi-user QuickBooks hosting settings.

How to Detect the QuickBooks Company File Error?

You can easily detect the attack of QuickBooks company file error H303 by noticing the following issues in your system and application:

  1. The continuous popping of the error message error H303 in QuickBooks on your screen can be the first sign to notice the error attack.
  2. If your QuickBooks software has started running slow or freezing frequently, consider it as a sign of the error.
  3. You can also detect the QuickBooks error H303 if you continuously face issues while accessing your QuickBooks company data file.
  4. When you fail to start your multi-user settings in QuickBooks to access the company file located on the server computer, it’s due to the error code H303 in QuickBooks.
  5. Another sign to verify the existence of the error H303 in QuickBooks is the issue while opening the Windows Operating System on your computer.

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Effective Solutions to Rectify Error H303 QuickBooks Desktop

In this section, we have explained some of the most effective steps that you must take to fix the error H303 QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the directions below and continue eliminating the issues hampering your multi-user QuickBooks.

First Solution – Do the Necessary Changes to Your Firewall Defender Settings 

As we have noted before, Firewall Defender sometimes blocks the QuickBooks multi-user settings, resulting in technical errors. Thus, it’s better to change these Firewall settings.

  1. Firstly, you’re required to navigate to your Windows Start Button and continue choosing the Control Panel option.
  2. From here, choose the Firewall Authentication, and hit the Allow a program through the Firewall option.
  3. Once you have done this, navigate to the Exception list. After this, click the Add Programs button under this list.
  4. Finally, hit the Add QuickBooks 20XX option, and it’s done. (Here, XX denotes the year version of the QuickBooks application.)
  5. Now, try to locate or access the QuickBooks company files using the multi-user hosting settings. If you still receive the error H303 QuickBooks, try another given method.

Second Solution – Review the Settings of QuickBooks Multi-User Hosting 

Indeed, the incorrect configuration of the QuickBooks multi-user hosting settings hamper users while accessing the company file located on the server computer. So, double-check these settings with the given procedure.

  • Firstly, open the Run Window on your computer. (For this, simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.)
  • Now, in the Run Window dialogue box, type MSC and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • After this, search for Services. msc, and continue scrolling up and down to look for QuickBooksDBXX.
  • Once you locate the QB DBSS service option, double-click the same, and if the Standing mode is already running, the repairing process will automatically start.
  • However, if you are unable to continue with the above steps, follow these points:
  1. Hit the recovery tab.
  2. Now, start searching for the QBCFMonitorService and select the same.

Third Solution – Pick the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from the QB Tool Hub 

If the above solution hasn’t worked for you, you can get help from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The Tool Hub has QuickBooks File Doctor Tool that can effectively fix the company file issues, and so the QuickBooks company file error H303.

  1. Make sure you have installed the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your server computer. If not, then download and install the Tool Hub by visiting Intuit’s official website.
  2. From here, download the Tool Hub and double-click the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file from the browser’s download section.
  3. Now, you will see the on-screen prompts to start the QuickBooks Tool Hub installation successfully.
  4. Follow the prompts, hit the Next button, and wait until the installation ends. Once the process is over, click the Finish button.
  5. Now, before you open the QuickBooks Tool Hub, ensure that the configuration settings are proper or not.
  6. After confirming the same, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and navigate to the Company File Issues tab.
  7. Here, you will find the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Click this tool to run, and it will then and there automatically start scanning the error.
  8. Just select the company file in which you’re facing the access issues, and the tool will fix the root problem.

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Fourth Solution – Modify Your File Location To Fix the Issue 

Most often, the users might face difficulty while accessing the file in multi-user mode when there are some issues with the company file location. So, to rectify the QuickBooks H303 Error, you must try to change the location of the data file to fix the issue using the steps instructed below. 

  1. In the first place, construct a new folder on your server computer and then set the Windows access permission to turn on the sharing of the file in the folder. 
  2. Afterwards, you must copy the data file having .QBW file extension and then paste it into the newly constructed folder. 
  3. You must alter the address of the location in the workstation. 
  4. Finally, try to launch the data file in the workstation and check whether the issue is resolved. 

Fifth Solution – Look Into the Services On Your Server 

To verify that the QuickBooks services, such as QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDBXX, are working properly on your device, you must apply the following steps. 

  1. In the beginning, launch the Run Command window on your computer screen. 
  2. After this, insert “services.msc” into the search console and hit the Enter key to bring up the Services window on your screen. 
  3. Thereon, locate the QuickBooksDBXX and click on it to proceed further. 
  4. You should pick the Automatic as the Startup Type and verify whether the status is running or started. If it’s not fixed to start, then hit the Start option.
  5. In the next step, navigate to the Recovery tab and pick Restart the service by clicking the drop-down menu to pick First, Second, and Subsequent Failure. 
  6. Furthermore, select the Apply button and then click OK. later on, you must apply the same process for the QBCFMonitorService also. 
  7. After completing the above steps, open the QuickBooks application again on your device. Then, navigate to the File menu, and try to shift to the multi-user mode to verify whether the issue is resolved. 

Sixth Solution:- Cross-Check the Connection By Pinging on Your Server From a Workstation 

To ping the server, you first have to enable the Network Discovery feature on the server computer and the workstations that are confronting the H303 QuickBooks Error. 

  1. In the first place, hit the Windows key on the keyboard and insert “Network” and launch the Network and Sharing Center
  2. Afterwards, pick the Change Advanced Sharing Settings and verify if the Turn on network discovery is chosen. You will notice that the Turn on Network Discovery is seen on the Network Discovery and File and Printer Sharing

Steps to Extract Your Server Name 

  1. Initially, press the Windows key and add Run to the search console. 
  2. In the Run Command window, enter the “ipconfig/all” into the search area and hit OK
  3. Consequently, you will see the Host Name within the Windows IP Configuration. Later on, it will show the server name on the right side. 
  4. In the meantime, ensure you have the hostname ready. 

Return to the Workstation to Verify Server 

  1. Primarily, you must launch the Run window on your computer screen using the Ctrl + R keys together. 
  2. In the following screen, add “CMD” to the search panel and click the OK button to move further. 
  3. After that, in the Command Prompt window, insert “ping [your server name],” and hit the Enter key to move further. Herein, you must verify that you don’t add any brackets around the server name. 
  4. Later, carry on with the same steps for every workstation confronting Error H303 in QuickBooks.
To Summarize the Above!!

Through this informative guide, we hope you can easily handle the QuickBooks Error H303 and regain access to the multi-user mode in QuickBooks. If you find implementing the troubleshooting methods explained above difficult due to a lack of technical knowledge, feel free to consult with our bizbooksadvice professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ans: Mainly, there are two ways to use QuickBooks Database Server Manager and fix the QuickBooks error code H303. The first one is using the Full Program option, and the other one is the Server-only option.

Ans. To handle the QuickBooks Error H303, it is mandatory to keep the following things in your mind.
Before making any changes in the data file, it is crucial to maintain the backup to safeguard your data from being damaged.
Verify that your system is linked with a high-speed connection so that you can access the multi-user mode smoothly in QuickBooks.
Confirm that you are working on the updated version of QuickBooks and the Windows operating system.

Ans. Most of the time, the users might face issues in QuickBooks such as Error H303 due to outdated QuickBooks application. Therefore, to prevent the issue, it is necessary to install the updated version of the QuickBooks application on your workstation.

Ans. Due to the occurrence of QuickBooks Error H303, the users won’t be able to access the data file in multi-user mode. Also, it could be possible that your QuickBooks application starts freezing due to this error. So, it is mandatory to fix this issue using the resolution methods listed in the blog to continue working with the application smoothly.

Ans. Yes, there might be the possibility that the users might lose their crucial business company file data due to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error H303.

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