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Do I need to back up my data with QuickBooks Online?

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Back Up Data With QuickBooks Accounting
Mar 17, 2023

As fast as we are growing in the technical world, cyber threats also knock on our door frequently. When it comes to the company data, it becomes more vulnerable to getting into the wrong hands. So, keeping your company data safe and secure is crucial before it gets damaged. Similarly, to keep the crucial QuickBooks company data safe, it offers an option to backup data with QuickBooks Online.

When you conduct the backup data with QuickBooks Online, it generates a duplicate copy, which can be used if the original one gets damaged. However, to get in-depth details about backing up data, go through this post attentively.

Didn’t have enough technical knowledge to generate the backup QuickBooks Online data? Worry Not!! You can call our experts anytime, who will provide the proper instructions to do the same. 

Does QuickBooks Online Have an Auto Backup Facility?

Questions often arise in the user’s mind about whether QuickBooks Online automatically backup data. QuickBooks Online stores all the data on the flash drive as it automatically prepares the data backup. But remember that it only creates the data backup to a certain level. It won’t backup your file to a previous point in time. However, Intuit only gives the disaster recovery backup to the QBO users.

Above all, being a user, you don’t get direct access to restore your data in the QBO application. In short, it means that your data is at high risk if you undo any changes manually or permanently lose data in the following circumstances.

  • Your data is affected by the attack of malware such as ransomware, viruses, etc.
  • If your client has made some changes without updating you.
  • It may also happen when an item is deleted due to some honest mistake.
  • Sometimes, the problems are caused due to the integration of the applications.

Key Points You Must Consider Before You Restore Backup Data in QuickBooks Online

You must consider the following points before restoring backup data in the QuickBooks Online application.

  1. Try to access the QuickBooks application in single-user mode.
  2. Also, ensure you keep the financial data secure by logging into the account as the Administrator user. This will help you to keep your crucial data safe, like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or the Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  3. Above all, you must also update your data file by reading all the transactions from when you scheduled the backup.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Restore Backup Data QuickBooks Online

Whenever you enable the Online Backup and Restore app, you will notice that QuickBooks will automatically prepare your data backup. Once it’s over, it will automatically monitor any modifications done to your company data. Eventually, after this, it will restore a backup to a certain point in time.

Follow the instructions below to turn on the Online Backup and Restore the Application.

  1. First of all, move to the Settings menu and then move further.
  2. In the next step, navigate to the “Back Up Company” option.

Note:- It might be possible that you are supposed to sign-in to your Intuit account and then click Authorize to move on.

Scheduling the One-Time Backup Manually

Are you stuck in an important task and wish to save everything to protect yourself from data loss? If that’s the issue, worry not. You may conduct the manual backup anytime, according to your comfort. For this, you must go through the following steps.

  1. Primarily, navigate to the Settings menu and then pick the Back Up Now option.
  2. In the next step, tap on the highlighted Add Company option.
  3. You must select the company file to schedule the backup by hitting the Search For a Company drop-down menu.
  4. Subsequently, click on the Next button and then Connect to move further.
  5. After this, look for the data file you want to backup and hit the Action drop-down menu to choose the Run Full Backup option.

Saving Of Your Backup File to DropBox or Google Drive

The users can easily save their backups to the DropBox or Google Drive after linking their accounts.

Associate Your Google Drive or the Dropbox Account

  • Initially, you must login to your QuickBooks Online company file for which you wish to generate the backup.
  • Afterwards, navigate to the Settings menu > Backup Company Data option. Herein, you can login to your Intuit account to proceed further.
  • Thereon, pick the Local Backup option and click the Link a Service option.
  • In the next step, choose the Link Google Drive or Link DropBox option.
  • Later, carry on with the steps enabling QuickBooks to generate the backups.

Recover Backup Data QuickBooks Online

  • Begin the procedure by logging into the QuickBooks Online company you wish to restore.
  • Subsequently, browse to the Settings menu and hit the Backup Company option.
  • In the next step, move to the Restore option and click the New Restore option to go further.
  • Now, tap the Select the Company drop-down menu and pick the company you wish to restore or overwrite accounting.
  • Add the date you wish to restore and the correct time when you want to restore.
  • Afterwards, include “Agree” within the “Ready to Restore Your Backup?” option.
  • Hit the Next button, and if you find the list of recommended actions, you are supposed to move further with it. Once everything is set on the list, navigate to the Refresh to Continue option.
  • Conclude the process by hitting the Start Restore option.

Simple Steps to Prepare Backup Via QuickBooks Online Backup Service

You must have to sign into your QuickBooks Online Backup service. Once you get the Account ID and Password, you must install the Online Backup Client program using the steps outlined below.

Initially, download the QuickBooks Online Backup Client program setup file through its official website.
Once the download process ends, you must install it on your device.

For the Users of Windows 7 or Vista:-

The users must right-click on MSI File and hit the highlighted  Run As Administrator option.

Windows XP Users:-
  1. Begin the process by clicking on the Run option to initiate the installation process.
  2. However, when you see the Security Warning regarding running the QuickBooks Online Backup, hit the Run button.
  3. Proceed further by tapping the Next button in the QuickBooks Online Backup Setup Wizard. Furthermore, go through the instructions on the screen to install the program.

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To Summarize the Above!!

With this post’s help, we hope scheduling backup data with QuickBooks Online has become more convenient. Thus, it helps the users to keep their data safe without being misused or damaged. However, if you find any issues with the above steps, you can communicate with our professionals via the live chat facility to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Ans. Follow the steps below to cancel the online backup subscription in QuickBooks Online.

  • Initially, login to the QuickBooks Online company files you wish to backup.
  • Move to the Settings menu and tap the highlighted Back Up Company option.
  • Navigate to the Action menu beside the company name you wish to back up.
  • End the process by hitting the Disable Backup option.

Ans. Lack of storage space to restore the backup of the QuickBooks data file is one of the major reasons for QuickBooks not backing up the issue. Moreover, it may also be caused by damage to the company file. Also, it may be caused due to the inappropriate settings of the backup path.

Ans. For uploading the QuickBooks application to a flash drive, you must export the QuickBooks file in the form of .qbb format. Launch the QuickBooks application, move to the File menu > Export option, and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you get the .qbb file, you can easily export them to a flash drive.

Ans. The QuickBooks data files get backed up automatically within five minutes. However, if you schedule the manual backup, the time will depend on the file size and internet connection speed.

Ans. The following are the data you can’t backup in the QBO application.

  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Audit Log Entries
  • Account-based billable expenses
  • Bank Feeds
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