Facts About QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinued Policy 

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QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinued Accounting
Jun 04, 2024

Today, QuickBooks Desktop has become very popular for small to medium-scale businesses, offering comprehensive accounting solutions. However, every year, Intuit launches several new versions and discontinues the old ones to focus on improving the newly launched editions. With the latest announcement made by Intuit, after May 31, 2025, the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 discontinued. This comprises all the editions, including Pro, Premier, Mac, and Enterprise Solution.

This comprehensive post has listed all the details regarding discontinuation, alternative solutions, and steps businesses must take to run smoothly.

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Let’s Understand About the Discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 

Intuit, the parent company of QuickBooks, periodically reviews its product offerings to stay compliant with technological advancements and market demand. The discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is part of this strategic shift towards cloud-based solutions. The main motive of the discontinuation is to offer its users more flexibility, improved security, and the ability to access their financial data from anywhere, anytime.

What’s the Implication of the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinuation Policy? 

After the effect of the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinuation policy, existing users will face the following implications. 

Lack of Technical Support and Updates:- One of the most significant impacts of QuickBooks Desktop 2022’s discontinuation policy is that it ends technical support and software updates. Users will not receive patches for bug fixes, security vulnerabilities, or compatibility updates with new operating systems.

Potential Security Risks:- QuickBooks Desktop 2022 becomes vulnerable to cyber threats without access to security updates. However, with the involvement of cybersecurity threats, the first target will be the outdated software for the hackers, which might put sensitive information at stake. 

Compliance and Regulatory Concerns:- It is the most important business activity to ensure their accounting software complies with the latest financial regulations and standards. The discontinued software may not meet these requirements, potentially leading to compliance issues and penalties.

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Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinuation Policy 

Below are some possible reasons behind the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinuation Policy. Study all the reasons explained below carefully and get a better understanding of them. 

Shift Towards the Cloud-based Solutions:- By accessing cloud-based software such as QuickBooks Online, you can now access your crucial financial data remotely with a stable internet connection. Thus, it provides the convenience of remote work and real-time collaboration.

Concentrate on Core Competencies:- By eliminating outdated versions of QuickBooks Desktop, Intuit’s main focus is improving and supporting cloud-based products. It also concentrates on providing support for multiple product lines that can strain resources. However, by consolidating its offerings, Intuit can provide more efficient support for cloud-based applications. 

Cost-Efficiency and Resource Allocation:- Maintaining the desktop version of QuickBooks requires a lot of money on IT infrastructure, updates, and troubleshooting. However, by shifting to cloud-based applications, businesses can now cut down on costs and allocate resources more efficiently. 

Target More on Core Competencies:- By ending the older versions of the QuickBooks Desktop, Intuit can now concentrate on improving and supporting cloud-based products. This approach will help you provide significant innovations and improvements in the core product offerings. 

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Features that You Can Access After the Discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Following are the features you can still access after the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2022. 

Track Loans in QuickBooks:- You won’t be able to automate transactions such as principal repayment and interest expense after the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2022. To fix this, you can include those transactions manually in the application. Moreover, you also know the principal and interest components for each payment. 

Link the Attachments With Your Mobile:- The scan manager has already been replaced with the Attach Documents feature. However, you can still link your documents using your mobile device and import them into the QuickBooks application. 

Track Time in QuickBooks Desktop:-  You won’t have the option to import timesheets from the QuickBooks Pro Time anymore. All you need to do is manually enter the timesheets into the QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you are accessing the QuickBooks Pro Timer, you can export and import your timesheets via IIF Files. To track the time, you must perform the steps below. 

  • The users first need to back up the QuickBooks Desktop file and launch QuickBooks Pro Timer.
  • After this, choose the Export option and save the file as an IIF (.iif) file.
  • Now, right-click the saved .IIF file, hit the Open With > Excel option.
  • Thereon, you must expand the columns, find the header row, and remove the above rows.
    • Thereon, navigate to the File menu > Save and close the IIF file.
    • Now, sign in with the admin credentials into the QuickBooks data file and switch to File > Utilities> Import > IIF Files. Later, choose Import IIF file twice and access the QuickBooks Pro Timer IIF File.
    • At last, hit the Done button to conclude the process. 

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What’s an Alternative After the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinued Policy? 

After the discontinuation on 31 May 2025, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 users have the option to migrate to QuickBooks Online. The QuickBooks Online application gives you the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Moreover, switching to the cloud-based application will help you receive updates regularly so that you can enjoy the new features and security patches.

Above all, the QuickBooks Online application can take your business to the next level by offering numerous plans that suit best according to the plans. 

Switching to Other QuickBooks Desktop Versions: Businesses that prefer the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 edition can use other versions, such as QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, which may still be available. However, verifying their support timelines and considering the long-term viability is essential.

Verifying Other Accounting Software:  Depending on specific business requirements, users might explore alternative accounting software solutions such as Xero, FreshBooks, or Sage. These platforms offer robust features and might better align with certain business models.

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Final Thoughts!!

Hopefully, this guide has provided enough information regarding the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Discontinued Policy. However, you must contact our QB experts if you need immediate assistance. They will listen to your query patiently and they will help you out in the best possible manner. 

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