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QuickBooks Error 3371

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QuickBooks Error 3371 Accounting
Oct 05, 2023

Are you working on your QuickBooks application, and suddenly, the QuickBooks error 3371 popped up on your screen? Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this. Thousands of daily QuickBooks users come across this issue when an application fails to load the license data. Multiple factors can push this error ahead, but the missing or damaged QuickBooks company files are considered a major cause. If you’re searching for solutions to address this issue and get rid of it, continue reading further.

Looking for experts to help you rectify the annoying QuickBooks License data error 3371? 

Troubleshooting QuickBooks error code 3371 can be easy and effective if you know everything about the problem in detail. Agree? So, to help you, we have covered all the factors causing this issue, signs to catch the problem, and necessary actions to eliminate the same. Let’s begin!

License Data QuickBooks Error 3371: A Brief Introduction!

As we have talked about in the beginning, the QuickBooks error 3371 generally arrives when the QuickBooks desktop application fails to load the necessary license data. Also, if you have recently reconfigured your desktop or set up the company file for the first time, you may find this issue. At the time of the error attack, you can notice the below-given error messages on your screen.

  • “Could not initialize license properties. Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”
  • “Could not initialize license properties. [Error: 3371, Status Code -1] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”
  • “Couldn’t initialize license properties. [Error 3371, Status Code -11118] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.”

What Factors are Responsible for QuickBooks Company File Error 3371?

Apart from the damaged or missing QuickBooks company files, multiple other technical issues can result in the QuickBooks company file error 3371. Let’s have a quick check:

  1. If you face a crash com error in your QuickBooks application, you may come across the company file error 3371.
  2. The installed antivirus software program on your computer system can also provoke the company file issues, leading to the failed license data.
  3. Another reason for encountering this issue is the poor or lost connection to your QuickBooks company data file.
  4. The poor performance of your QuickBooks software is another factor causing the QuickBooks error 3371.
  5. To properly run QuickBooks on your system, you must have Microsoft components like MSXML related to your Windows operating system. If these components are damaged, company file errors may erupt.

How Can I Catch the QuickBooks Error Code 3371 in My System?

Whenever the QuickBooks error code 3371 attacks your system, you will notice the following signs during your QuickBooks operations on the system. Take a look:

  • Every time you open your QuickBooks application, it starts crashing or freezing.
  • The continuous flashing of the error message 3371 on your QuickBooks screen.
  • Of course, you won’t be able to open or access your QuickBooks company file after the attack of the error.
  • Repeated hanging and freezing issues in your computer system.
  • You may start getting notifications about suspicious HTML files on your computer system.

Quick Troubleshooting Strategies to Fix Error 3371 QuickBooks

Your search for methods to solve the error 3371 QuickBooks ends here! This action will explain to you the quick ways to perform and eliminate this annoying company file issue. Carefully follow the instructions given below:

Troubleshooting Method 1 – Stop Running the Third-party Software Programs

Yes, the third-party application programs running in the background of your computer system may hamper your QuickBooks functionalities. Thus, it also fails to load the license data, resulting in QuickBooks error 3371. Follow this method to fix this.

  1. Firstly, you must close the running QuickBooks application and its related opened windows on your system.
  2. Continue and close all the running QuickBooks services and processes as well. Now, tap the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard to get the Run window on your screen.
  3. Type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\ v8(or v6) in the Run dialogue box. Once you enter this path, then and there, hit the OK button.
  4. In this step, you must open the Task Manager. For this, hit the CTRL + Shift + Esc keys on your keyboard.
  5. From the Task Manager, click the processes tab and start searching for the QBW32.EXE process.
  6. Now, close this process, click the  End Task option, and remove the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  7. Finally, open your QuickBooks application and check for the status of the QuickBooks error code 3371. If it still persists, move to the next method.

Troubleshooting Method 2 – Remove all the Junk Files from your System

Often, the excessive accumulation of junk files in your computer system also hamper QuickBooks services and processes. Similarly, the company file issues with failed license data can also arrive. Therefore, it’s better to wipe off all these junk files.

  • Firstly, you must simultaneously hit the Windows + E buttons on your keyboard and get the File Explorer window on your screen.
  • Now, close This PC and continue selecting the Properties alternative.
  • Proportionately, click the Disk Cleanup option and hit the Clean System Files alternative.
  • Following this, click the OK option and hit the Delete Files alternative. By this, you can wipe off the troubling junk files from the computer.

You can delete the junk file manually as well as per the given directions:

  • Open the Run Window (Press windows + R keys), and enter %temp% in the Run window box.
  • Hit the Enter key, and you will then get the file folder where all the temporary or junk files are saved.
  • Here, you must press the CTRL + A keys to select all these temporary files. Finally, hit the Delete key, and it’s done.

Troubleshooting Method 3 – Get the Latest Version of your Windows

Sometimes, the outdated version of your Windows operating system can also bring problems like QuickBooks error code 3371. That’s how an attempt to update your windows can effectively help you eliminate this problem. Just continue performing the steps below:

  1. To begin with this, first, you must hit the Windows Start menu and select the Check for updates option.
  2. If the latest updates are available for your Windows operating system, continue installing them on your computer system.
  3. Agree on the license agreement plus terms and conditions when it appears on your screen, and complete the successful updation of your Windows OS.

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Summarizing Everything..!

So, these were a few troubleshooting methods that can help you resolve the problematic QuickBooks error 3371. We suggest you carefully go through all the factors we have explained causing this error so that you can perform troubleshooting accordingly. However, if you find these methods a bit confusing or need an expert’s help, connect with us via Live Chat Support. Our team will guide you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Answer 1.  You must immediately get help from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. If you don’t have one, download it from the official Intuit site. From the Tool Hub, run the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool to remove the license data errors like error 3371 QuickBooks.

Answer 2. The QuickBooks error code 3371 is all about the loading failure of license data due to missing or damaged QuickBooks company files.

Answer 3. You can sense the error with the help of the following obvious signs:

  • Continuous flashing of QuickBooks error messages 3371 on your screen.
  • Unable to run the QuickBooks application on your system.
  • Repeated crashing and freezing of your computer system.

Answer 4.

  1. Outdated Windows Operating System version.
  2. Antivirus restrictions for QuickBooks services and processes.
  3. Damaged or missing QuickBooks company data files.

Answer 5. Don’t worry! Just dial our toll-free number and consult our QuickBooks experts for further help. You can also reach out to our QuickBooks technicians via our Live Chat Support facility.