Discussing the Best Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 3371 

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QuickBooks Error 3371 Accounting
May 03, 2024

QuickBooks is a well-renowned accounting solution that is the foremost choice for businesses when completing their financial tasks. However, users must activate the QuickBooks Desktop license key to run the application smoothly. Sometimes, users encounter QuickBooks Error 3371 while activating the QuickBooks Desktop or opening the application. This issue mainly arises due to damaged or missing data files. 

This illustrative post lists the possible causes, symptoms and fixation methods to rectify QuickBooks Error Code 3371. So, let’s read this post attentively and resolve the issue quickly. 

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Different Error Messages That You May Notice With Error 3371 in QuickBooks 

Herein, we have explained the error messages that flash on the user’s computer screen upon the arrival of Error 3371 in QuickBooks. 

  1. Could not initialize license properties: Error 3371: QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused due to missing or damaged files. 
  2. Could not initialize license properties: [Error 3371, Status Code -11118] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files. 
  3. Could not initialize license properties. [Error: 3371, Status Code -1] QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files. 
Error 3371 QuickBooks

What are the Reasons That Prompt QuickBooks Company File Error 3371? 

Users might encounter QuickBooks Company File error 3371 while launching the QuickBooks Desktop application. However, numerous other factors might cause this error. Below, we have listed all the possible root causes of the error. So, you must read them properly to find the resolution methods quickly. 

Presence of Damaged MSXML Component:-

MSXML is the most important Microsoft component to run the QuickBooks Desktop application. This component allows the QBDT application to extract the information in the QBRegistration.dat file, enabling QB to run. However, if the component gets damaged, users might end up with QuickBooks Error 3371. 

Unsupported Version of Windows Operating System:- 

Accessing an unsupported Windows operating system version may create problems when opening QuickBooks Desktop. That is why users end up with the QuickBooks Error Code 3371. 

Right Networks and QuickBooks Enterprise With WebConnect Users:-

Users most often experience this issue when they try to launch the data file before saving it. To prevent this error, you must save the file and then try to import the QBO file. 

Issues With the QBregistration.dat File:- 

The QBRegistration.dat file contains all the information regarding the QuickBooks License. The license details must be extracted and validated whenever the QB license becomes active. If you trace any damage in the registration file, it might prevent users from opening QuickBooks Desktop. 

Connection Lost Issue:-

In other cases, the error may arise when the connection to the QuickBooks data file is lost and the user fails to run it. 

How Can You Determine the Appearance of 3371 Error QuickBooks? 

Following are the indications that you may observe on the onset of 3371 Error QuickBooks. Let’s read all of them carefully so that you can get a better understanding of the issue. 

Frequent Shut Down of System:-

Upon the arrival of the QuickBooks Company File Error 3371, you may observe that your system started freezing or crashing frequently. 

Inability to Open the Data File:-

Another symptom of QuickBooks Error Code 3371 is that users might have difficulty accessing the data file.

Freezing or Crashing of QuickBooks Desktop application:-

In some cases, the users may notice a sudden freezing or crashing of the QuickBooks Desktop, which might delay the ongoing business process. 

Flashing of the Error Message:- 

Users may observe an error message flashing on their computer screen while opening or activating the QuickBooks Desktop. 

Activation Failure:- 

Users might encounter issues activating their QuickBooks Desktop application, which could cause problems with the QuickBooks software’s operation. 

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What Should Be Done to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118? 

Now, it’s time to resolve the QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 by applying the solutions illustrated below. Thus, it will help you to activate or open the QuickBooks Desktop application smoothly without any hindrance. 

First Solution: Get the QuickBooks Tool Hub to Use 3371 Error Fix 

If you didn’t previously have QuickBooks Tool Hub on your device, it is important to download and install it using the steps illustrated below. 

  1. Access the main website of Intuit, navigate to the Product Page and download the updated QB Tool Hub. 
  2. After this, choose a suitable and easily accessible location to save the file.
  3. Once done, search for the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file and double-tap on it to open it. 
  4. Click the Yes button to give the required permissions to begin the tool’s installation.
  5. You are supposed to select the Yes button from the Terms and Conditions page. 
  6. Complete the installation of QuickBooks Tool Hub after performing the steps given on the screen. Later on, hit the Finish button once you are done with the installation part. 
  7. Now, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and navigate to the Installation Issues tab, followed by the 3371 Error Fix. 
  8. In the next step, click the OK button and try to launch the QuickBooks Desktop and then the data file to see if the issue persists.

Second Solution: Do the Installation of QuickBooks Desktop Again 

Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop may remove issues or technical glitches in the application. As a result, it may also help you quickly deal with stubborn QuickBooks Error Code 3371. Apply the step-by-step instructions given below and accomplish the task easily. 

  1. First, remove the older version of QuickBooks Desktop installed on the device. To do so, go to the Control Panel, Programs and Features, and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon to choose the Uninstall option. This will remove the previously installed QBDT version from your system.
  2. After this, reach the Intuit main website and go to the Product Information window to download the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop. 
  3. Once you are all sorted with the download, click the QuickBooksDesktop.exe file twice to open it.
  4. Read the License Agreement thoroughly and select the checkbox of I Agree to commence the installation. 
  5. Now when you are done with the installation, hit the Finish button to complete the installation. 
  6. Finally, try opening QuickBooks Desktop and see whether you received the error.  

Third Solution: Delete the ECML File and Make Changes to the Entitlement File

  1. In the first step, go to the Run Command window and add the following path into the search panel: “C: >> ProgramData >> Intuit >> Entitlement Client >> v8.” Later, select the OK button to proceed to the next step. 
3371 error quickbooks

2. After that, launch the Windows Explorer from the particular location. 
3. Thereon, search for the ECML file and right-click on the file to choose the Delete option. 
4.Once you are all sorted, shut down the window and try opening the QuickBooks Desktop application.
5. Conclude the entire process by registering the product again to check the error status. 

    Fourth Solution:- Delete the Junk Files From Your Device 

    At times, storing unnecessary junk files on your device might cause issues with QuickBooks services and processes, resulting in QuickBooks Error 3371. So, removing those junk files and folders is essential using the steps below. 

    1. In the beginning, launch the File Explorer application and shut down This PC to move further. 
    2. After this, opt for the Properties option and then hit the Disk Cleanup followed by the Clean System Files alternative. 
    3. Now, you must hit the OK button and then Delete Files. This will delete the junk files from your device. 

    Alternatively, you can remove the junk file manually by providing the steps listed below. 

    1. In the first phase, launch the Run Command window and include “%temp%”  within the search area. 
    2. After this, press the Enter key to obtain the file folder where all the temporary or junk files are placed. 
    3. Thereon, hit the Ctrl + A keys together to pick all these temporary files. 
    4. In the end, click the Delete key once you are all sorted.

    Fifth Solution: Put an End To the Third-Party Software Programs 

    Certain instances of applications running in the background might affect QuickBooks functionality. Consequently, it might create issues while loading the license data, which may give rise to the QuickBooks Company File Error 3371. So, to fix the issue, you must perform the steps given below. 

    1. Initially, shut down the QuickBooks application and its related opened windows on your system. 
    2. After this, you are supposed to close all the QuickBooks services and processes. Later on, hit the Windows + R keys to bring up the Run command window. 
    3. In the next step, insert the “C: >> ProgramDara >> Intuit >> Entitlement Client >> v8(or v6)” and then click the OK button. 
    4. You are supposed to choose the Task Manager and then click the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together. 
    5. Now, go to the Processes tab and locate the QBW32.exe process from the options available.
    6. Next, shut down the process by selecting the End Task button and then delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
    7. End the entire process by launching the QuickBooks application and verifying whether the issue still exists. 

    Final Thoughts!!

    Through this comprehensive post, we hope you can easily deal with the complicated QuickBooks Error 3371. If you are still having issues activating the QuickBooks Desktop, contact our QB experts immediately for an immediate response. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Following are the preventive measures you must take to prevent QuickBooks Error 3371 from occurring.
    1. Ensure you have installed the updated QuickBooks Desktop and Windows operating system.
    2. Verify that you are using the valid and appropriate QuickBooks license key.
    3. Also, scheduling the backup of the QuickBooks company file is mandatory to safeguard the data from any unauthorised access.

    No, the QuickBooks Error Code 3371 mainly occurs while trying to activate or open the QuickBooks desktop application.

    Yes, the QuickBooks Company File Error 3371 might freeze or crash the running QB program. As a result, it might cause severe damage to the company file data, which might cause a severe loss. So, generating a backup of the company file is mandatory to prevent further issues.

    You can get your QuickBooks License number after signing into the customer account maintenance portal (CAMPs). There, you must look for the license key and the product number. Once you get your QuickBooks License key, you can use it to activate the QuickBooks subscription.

    The QuickBooks error Code 3371 mainly indicates some failure with the loading of license data because of the missing or damaged QuickBooks data files.

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