Discover the Amazing Tips to Migrate From QuickBooks Desktop to Online

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Amazing tips to migrate from QuickBooks desktop to online Accounting
Apr 23, 2024

Undoubtedly, both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are great accounting suites that help accountants make their company’s financial tasks easier and more efficient.  However, the QBO is the utmost choice of many users as it offers cloud access so they can work remotely and anytime. Moreover, it also gives the option to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to Online so that the users can benefit from working on the project remotely. 

In this guide, we have covered all the important entails required to accomplish the migration process and smoothly run the QuickBooks Online application. 

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Scenarios When You Must Consider QuickBooks Migrate from Desktop to Online.

You must think of migrating QuickBooks from desktop to online in the following scenarios. 

Integration With the Cloud Related Services:-

For instance, if you are engaged in a business that completely relies on cloud-based services, including CRM and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, then switching to QBO is the best alternative.

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Utilize the Cloud Hosting Facility:-

With the QuickBooks Online application, you can work on your data file remotely from anywhere in the world. It also enables multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously in different locations. In short, moving to QuickBooks Online is a great thing, as it allows you to work remotely from a stable internet location. 

Get the Automatic Updates and Backups:-

Another benefit of migrating to the QuickBooks Online application is that it offers automatic updates and backups. Thus, it eliminates the need to manually conduct these updates and backups, which consumes a lot of time.

Fits Best For Business Growth and Scalability:-

As your business expands, users may require more scalable options for their organization. QuickBooks Online takes care of this by providing different subscription levels that can easily be upgraded as business requirements change.

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How to Migrate From QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Instantly?

Migrating from quickbooks desktop to quickbooks online

Users can easily migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online by following the step-by-step instructions. 

First Step: Prepare Yourself With QuickBooks Desktop File

  1. Initially, users must confirm that the QuickBooks Desktop they are operating is the most currently launched version. 
  2. Moreover, verify that your Total Targets isn’t higher than 500,000 and then launch the Product Information window by hitting the Ctrl + 1 keys. However, if you spot that the total targets are exceeded, you must mention your customer opening balances in a new QBO file.
  • Afterwards, take out a printout of the Sales Tax Liability Report. Herein, it is necessary to list the adjustment entries before moving further.
    • For that, navigate to the Reports menu and then opt for Suppliers & Payables > Sales Tax Liability. 
    • Soon after this, hit the Dates drop-down arrow and choose the All option from there.
    • Later on, from the top, you must click the Print drop-down menu to pick the Save as PDF option.
    • You are supposed to opt for the folder where you want to save the report, assign a new name to the file, and then Save it. 

3. On the other hand, if you are a QuickBooks Desktop Payroll user, perform the following steps.

  • The users must confirm to cancel or remove the employees who are not linked with your company anymore, and you haven’t paid them in the current year. 
  • Also, you should wait a maximum of up to 2-3 days after running the payroll to transfer your data. Doing so will ensure that all the payroll-related details are successfully transferred to QBO without missing any important details. Later on, you must ensure that you have shifted all the data before moving on to the next payroll. 

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Second Step: Migrate your QuickBooks desktop file to QuickBooks Online

Note: Users must know that if they are working on QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or an older version, they can access the QuickBooks Desktop restoration tool to upgrade the file. Later, you can transfer your data to the QBO application. 

Steps To be performed by QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier Users

  1. To commence with, ensure you have logged in with the proper admin rights to launch the data file you wish to import on your device. 
  2. After this, browse the Company menu > Export Company File to QuickBooks Online > Start your Export option.
  3. Thereon, you must sign in with the proper administrative rights to QuickBooks Online company. 
  4. Now, go with the Choose Online Company and opt for the QuickBooks Online company you wish to exchange your data file with. 
  5. Once you have completed the above steps, navigate to the Continue button. 
  6. However, if you monitor the stock in QuickBooks Desktop, pick one of the following options.
    • Move to the Yes option and then mention the As of Date. Herein, you must add the date of the first day right after the last tax filing period. 
    • You can choose the No option to set up the new items ahead in the QBO application. 
  7. Next, insert Agree within the respective text field and then hit the Replace button. 
  8. Finally, move to the “Yes, go ahead and replace the data’’ and click the highlighted Replace button. 

Third Step: Start Running the QuickBooks Online Application 

You can start using the Online edition after successfully migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Now, you can run the QBO application to link your bank or credit card account, create and send invoices, and track the bills. 

What are the steps to Migrate Payroll from Desktop to Online QuickBooks?

Below are the steps to migrate payroll from desktop to online. 

  1. The first step is to ensure you log into QuickBooks with the proper admin credentials.
  2. After this, switch to the Company option and choose the Export Your Company File to QuickBooks Online option.
  3. You must pick the Get Started option and try logging into the QuickBooks Online company.
  4. Furthermore, go with the Choose Online Company and pick any one company with whom you wish to replace.
  5. After following the steps above, hit the Continue button to complete the process. 

How to Migrate Data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online With an Online Tool?

How to migrate from quickbooks desktop to online

You can also migrate your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online with the help of an Online Tool. However, you can use this tool if it comes under the following categories. 

  1. Users of QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise, Premier, or the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac files can use this tool. 
  2. If you are an accountant who is not a user of QuickBooks Desktop and wishes to help your client transfer to QuickBooks Online,
  3. Moreover, you can also use this tool when you don’t have a QBDT application but a QuickBooks Desktop file that requires transferring to the QuickBooks Online application. 
  4. Users can also use this tool if they are operating the QuickBooks Desktop file version of 2011 or the upgraded one. 

Must-Know Tips Before Accessing Online Tool

The users must be aware of the following things in their minds for the tool to work smoothly. 

  1. Confirm that your charts of accounts balances and the balance sheet amount are accurate according to the latest tax return.
  2. It is mandatory to reconcile your bank and credit card statements.
  3. You must organize if there are any open transactions and pay if there are any pending balances. 
  4. Moreover, it is important to wind up if there are any pending payroll runs or payroll tax payments. Waiting up to 2-3 days after successfully running the payroll is suggested. Doing so will give you the certainty that you have shifted all the payroll details to the QBO application. 
  5. Also, you must exclude employees you don’t pay in the current year. 

First Stage: Launch the Online Tool 

  1. The users first need to pick any of the QuickBooks versions they are working on.
    1. QuickBooks Pro/Premier
    2. QuickBooks Enterprise
    3. QuickBooks For Mac 
  2. Once you have chosen the QuickBooks version, hit the highlighted Get Started option and try logging into your Intuit account. 

Second Stage: Begin Uploading Your Data File 

  1. First of all, choose the Select File option and look for the supported QuickBooks Desktop file that you wish to transfer. 
  2. After selecting the file, tap the Open button to attach it. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your QuickBooks Desktop file to transfer it to the QuickBooks Online application. 

Summarizing the Above!!

We hope you have all the essential information required to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. This will help you run the company file remotely and accomplish your accounting tasks easily. However, if you encounter any issues during the migration process, you can ask our QB experts for more clarification. 

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