Must-Read Guide to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024

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Upgrade QuickBooks desktop to 2024 Business
May 10, 2024

With the evolving business industry, it’s essential to keep the software you’re using for your business updated. And if you’re a QuickBooks user, then what’s stopping you from updating it to the latest 2024 Desktop version? When you upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 version, it will offer a wealth of new features and improvements that can help you streamline accounting tasks, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you smoothly transition to QuickBooks Desktop 2024.

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Tips to Follow Before the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Upgrade Process

Have a quick look at the below-given points to prepare before you start the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Upgrade process: 

  • Check System Requirements

Before you begin, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2024. It includes sufficient RAM, processor speed, disk space, and a compatible operating system.

  • Backup Your Data

Always backup your QuickBooks data before performing an upgrade. Creating a backup ensures you can restore your financial data if something goes wrong during installation.

  • Review What’s New

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the new features and changes before you upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the latest 024 version. Intuit usually releases detailed notes on their updates, which can be found on their official website or through the QuickBooks Desktop application.

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How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 Version?

If you’re looking to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 latest version, you must continue performing the straightforward steps below. Here’s the complete guide on how to do it:

Purchase and Download

Firstly, you must purchase QuickBooks Desktop 2024 directly from Intuit’s website or from a certified reseller. Once purchased, download the installation file to your computer.

Install the Software

  • Now, run the downloaded installation file. By this, the installation wizard will guide you through the setup process. 
  • In the next step, you must choose the ‘Upgrade’ option when prompted to ensure that your existing data is converted to the new version.

Activate QuickBooks

After installation, open QuickBooks and activate your new version using your product and license numbers. This step usually requires an internet connection.

Update Your Company Files

  • Once QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is installed and activated, you’ll need to update your company files. 
  • QuickBooks will prompt you to do this the first time you open your existing company file in the new version. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this step.

Verify Installation

  • After upgrading your company files, go through your data to ensure everything is intact and functioning correctly. 
  • Check for any discrepancies and verify that all new features are working as expected.

Why Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

The given features and perks are the main reasons to determine to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024

Enhanced Features

Each new release of QuickBooks Desktop typically includes additional features and improvements that are designed to enhance user experience and functionality. These might include more advanced reporting tools, better inventory management, enhanced integration with other software, and new automation features that save time and reduce errors.

The 2024 edition of QuickBooks Desktop has enhanced features and tools that improve functionality and user experience, leading to smarter automation for everyday tasks.

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Increased Security

Another reason to know why to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is the increased security. With cyber threats becoming more common these days, the new version typically includes updated security measures to protect sensitive financial data. 

Each new version of QuickBooks usually comes with upgraded security measures to help protect sensitive business data against unauthorized access or loss. It includes better data encryption, improved user access controls, and other security enhancements that safeguard your financial information.

Support and Compatibility

Users must upgrade QuickBooks desktop to the latest version, 2023, to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems and hardware. In addition, it means getting continued support from Intuit, including regular updates and patches.

Intuit typically provides ongoing support, including security patches and bug fixes, only for the latest versions of its software. By upgrading, you ensure continued access to Intuit support and regular updates that help keep the software running smoothly and securely.

Improved Performance

Another benefit that users get once they upgrade QuickBooks desktop to the latest version, 2024, is the improved software performance. Upgrading to the latest QuickBooks version offers faster processing speeds, reduced lag time, and quicker response times when running complex reports or processing large amounts of data. These advancements lead to higher efficiency in financial operations.

Compatibility with Modern Technologies

Every day, technology evolves, and newer versions of QuickBooks are designed to be compatible with the latest technologies. 

Staying updated ensures users smoother operation and better integration with new devices and software, including compatibility with new updates and features of integrated applications.

Compliance with Regulatory Changes

Financial and tax regulations are constantly evolving. When users upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the latest 2024 version, it ensures that the accounting software complies with the latest tax codes and financial reporting requirements. Eventually, it can help users avoid legal or financial penalties.

Better Integration Capabilities

Each new version of QuickBooks often enhances its integration capabilities with other business tools like CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other productivity software. This integration is key for streamlining business operations and improving data accuracy across different systems.

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Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise 2024

Upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise to the 2024 version is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to start a smooth transition from the old QuickBooks version to the latest one:

Prepare for the Upgrade

  • Check System Requirements: Before you begin, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise 2024. This information can be found on Intuit’s official website.
  • Backup Your Data: It’s crucial to back up your existing QuickBooks files. This protects your data in case something goes wrong during the upgrade process.

Purchase QuickBooks Desktop 2024

  • Visit Intuit’s Website: Go to the official Intuit QuickBooks website to purchase the latest version. Choose the correct edition (Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise) that suits your business needs.
  • Download the Software: After purchasing, download the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 installation file to your computer.

Install the Upgrade

  • Close All Running Programs: Before starting the installation, make sure all other programs are closed. It will help prevent any installation errors.
  • Run the Installation File: Double-click the downloaded installation file and follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, choose the upgrade option, which will replace your current version while keeping your data files intact.

Enter License Details

During installation, you’ll be asked to enter the product and license numbers. Make sure you have these handy (you can find them in your Intuit account or in the purchase confirmation email).

Activate QuickBooks Desktop 2024

  • Start QuickBooks: Once the installation is complete, open QuickBooks Desktop 2024.
  • Activate Your Product: Follow the on-screen prompts to activate the software. You’ll just require a strong and stable internet connection for the product activation.

Update Your Company Files

  • Open Your Company File: When you open your existing company file with the new QuickBooks version, the software will prompt you to update the file to the new format.
  • Follow the Prompts: QuickBooks will guide you through the process of updating your company files. This step is crucial for the QuickBooks desktop plus 2024 upgrade and for Pro Premier, as well as updating your database to be compatible with the new version.
  • Create a Backup: QuickBooks might prompt you to create a backup before updating the company files, which is highly recommended.

Verify and Rebuild Data (if needed)

  • Check Data Integrity: After the upgrade, use the built-in “Verify Data” tool to check for data integrity. This tool will help you identify and rectify any data issues resulting from the upgrade.
  • Rebuild Data: If the Verify Data tool finds issues, you may need to use the “Rebuild Data” tool to fix these issues.

Review the Upgrade

  • Test Features: Ensure that all the new features and functionalities are working as expected.
  • Check Compatibility: If you use any third-party applications with QuickBooks, verify that they are still compatible and functioning correctly after the upgrade.

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When to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024?

Deciding when to upgrade QuickBooks to 2024 version depends on several factors specific to your business and usage of the software. Here are some considerations that can help you determine the right time to upgrade:

Year-End Accounting Needs

Many businesses choose to upgrade at the end of their fiscal year to minimize disruption in accounting processes. This timing makes it easier to start a new year with fresh software, ensuring that all the financial data from the previous year is already finalized.

Feature Requirements

If QuickBooks 2024 introduces new features that are critical for your business operations or solves issues you face with the current version, you must upgrade QuickBooks to 2024 as soon as the new version is available.

Compatibility and System Requirements

Ensure that your current hardware setup meets the system requirements for QuickBooks 2024. Upgrading your system might be necessary before you can install the new version of QuickBooks.

Tax Updates

QuickBooks Desktop versions usually include necessary tax table updates. Upgrading before the new tax season begins can ensure compliance and ease the process of filing tax returns.

Support for Older Versions

Intuit phases out support for older versions of QuickBooks three years after their release. If your current version is approaching this threshold, it’s wise to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 and maintain access to Intuit’s support and security updates.

Budgeting for the Upgrade

Plan for the financial aspect of upgrading.  It’s because the cost of a new license can be significant, so it’s good to budget this expense in your IT or operational costs for the year. 

What Issues a User Can Face During QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade 2024?

Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024, like any software update, can come with its set of challenges. Here are some common issues users might face during the upgrade process, along with tips on how to address them:

Compatibility Issues

  • QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade 2024 has specific system requirements. If your computer doesn’t meet these requirements (e.g., operating system, RAM, processor), the software may not install properly or perform poorly.
  • Additionally, if you use third-party apps that integrate with QuickBooks, the new version might not be compatible with them until they are updated.

Installation Errors

  • Sometimes, downloaded files might get corrupted. Redownloading the installation file can resolve this and help you easily start the QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade 2024 process.
  • Installation might fail if it’s not run with administrator privileges or if other software conflicts with the installation process.
  • Security software might mistakenly identify the installation process as a threat and block it.

Data File Issues

  • When you begin the Quickbooks Desktop 2024 upgrade, your existing company files need to be updated to match the new version’s format. This process can sometimes lead to errors or data corruption.
  • Larger data files can complicate the upgrade process, potentially leading to longer upgrade times or failures.

Licensing and Registration Problems

  • Sometimes, users might face problems activating the new version due to incorrect or misplaced product codes and license numbers.
  • Additionally, having multiple versions of QuickBooks installed can sometimes confuse the licensing and activation process. Eventually, it may bring errors during the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 upgrade.

Performance Degradation

  • New versions might require more resources, leading to slower performance on older hardware.
  • Early releases of new software versions might have bugs that weren’t caught during testing, affecting performance and user experience.

Network and Multi-user Issues

For users operating QuickBooks over a network, the upgrade from QuickBooks Desktop 2023 to Desktop 2024 process can involve additional steps to ensure all networked computers are compatible and correctly configured. In addition, incorrect configuration and compatibility issues may bring errors. 

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So, that’s all! In a nutshell, regularly updating software is a crucial practice for maintaining the health, security, and efficiency of computing environments. Hopefully, this comprehensive post has helped you upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024. Also, if you face any confusion or issues while upgrading your current QuickBooks version to 2024, feel free to ask for help from us via Live Call Support. 

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