Swiftly Resolve QuickBooks Error 15217 With These Simple Approaches

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Jan 03, 2024

With the upcoming updates and releases, the application has several extraordinary features and functions to improve its overall experience. Similarly, QuickBooks also launches its updates regularly so that users can take advantage of more improvised accounting functions.

But, sometimes, users find themselves stuck with QuickBooks Error 15217 while getting the most updated version of QuickBooks Desktop. This could happen when QuickBooks couldn’t verify the file’s digital signature.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Update Error 15217 prevents users from benefiting from newly added features and functions. Considering this, we have prepared this post to rescue you from this issue and let you install the latest QBDT updates. 

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Reasons Why Error Code 15217 in QuickBooks Flashes On the Users Screen

Misconfigured Internet Explorer settings could be one reason for Error Code 15217 in QuickBooks. Users might confront this issue for plenty of other reasons listed below. Let’s begin by reading all possible factors that give rise to this issue, which will help you fix the issue quickly. 

Problem With the QuickBooks Desktop Installation 

Users might confront QuickBooks Update Error 15217 when they haven’t installed the QuickBooks application properly on their devices.

Flaws With the Digital Signature Certificate

The QuickBooks application requires a reliable digital signature certificate to validate the downloaded files. However, any issues at the end of the digital signature certificate might create a problem while installing the latest QB updates. 

Intervention Due to Windows Firewall

Sometimes, conflicts with the Windows Firewall or other third-party security applications are one of the reasons that trigger QuickBooks Error Code 15217. 

Poor or Low Internet Connection 

If your computer is not linked to an uninterrupted and stable internet connection, it might have problems installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop updates.

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Here’s How to Configure Error Code 15217 in QuickBooks Smoothly

The following troubleshooting techniques can help you easily resolve Error Code 15217 in QuickBooks. But before you apply the resolution methods, ensure you have scheduled a backup of the data file to prevent your data from loss or unauthorized access.

Measure 1:  Digital Signature Certificate Must Be Properly Installed

At times, users might receive QuickBooks Update Error 15217 if an outdated version of the digital signature certificate is installed. So, to install its updated version, closely follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Before installing the digital signature certificate, confirm that no windows are opened in the background. 
  2. In the next step, browse to the following location “C: >> Program Files >> Intuit >> QuickBooks” and look for the file named QBW32.exe to move further. 
  3. After this, right-click the QBW32.exe file and tap the Properties option. 
  4. Thereon, choose the Digital Signature option and confirm that the Intuit.Inc option is selected.
  5. You are supposed to tap the Details button and then choose View Certificate > Install Certificate > Next
  6. Hit the Finish button to conclude the process. Once you are all sorted, try installing the QuickBooks Desktop updates to check whether the issue is resolved. 

Measure 2: Intuit & QuickBooks Must Be Added To Trusted Websites List 

Once you give Intuit and QuickBooks permission to attach to the list of trusted websites, users can easily install QuickBooks updates.

  1. The users must first open the Run window by pressing the Ctrl + R keys together. 
  2. Now, in the open window, write “explore’’ into the search console and tap the OK button. With this, you will notice that the Internet Explorer window will eventually open on your screen and then hit the Gear icon.
  3. Next, you must pick the Internet Options alternative and browse the Security option.
  4. After this, hit the Sites button > Trusted Sites icon option. Then, you must insert “https://www.intuit.com/” for the US user, and the Canadian Edition, add “https://www.intuit.ca/.” 
  5. Furthermore, tap the Add option and confirm that the option required for server verification (HTTPS:) for all sites in your zone is selected.
  6. End the process by hitting the Close and OK buttons. If you still have issues with the update process, switch to another resolution method. 

Measure 3: Get the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Updates in Safe Mode

The Safe mode creates a restricted environment that only gives access to certain system programs and services to run smoothly on their device. That’s why it also reduces the chances of getting the QuickBooks Error Code 15217. So, to run QuickBooks safely, you must follow the instructions below.

  1. The first thing to do is to launch QuickBooks Desktop and then tap the Help menu.
  2. After this, switch to the Update QuickBooks Desktop > Update Now > Get Updates option.
  3. Finally, wait a couple of minutes to download the latest updates. Once you are all sorted, tap the close button to end the process.

Measure 4: Turning Off the Windows Firewall & Network Protection Temporarily

Interruption on the end of the Windows Firewall or the third-party application might prevent users from getting the latest QuickBooks Desktop updates. So, to avoid such an issue, it is necessary to temporarily disable the firewall or network protection using the steps below.

  1. Start the process by clicking the Start menu and then the Settings option.
  2. From there, you must navigate to the Update & Security option
  3. After this, choose the highlighted Windows Security tab from the left pane and then Open Windows Security.
  4. Thereon, you must opt for the Firewall and Network Protection from the Windows Security window. 
  5. Finally, browse to the Domain, Private, and Public Networks one after the other, and then disable the Microsoft Defender Firewall for all types of networks. Then, try to install the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop to determine whether the issue is resolved.

Measure 5: Conduct the Clean Installation of QuickBooks Desktop

Clean installing the QuickBooks Desktop will install the application from scratch, eliminating the possibility of any technical snags. As a result, it also helps eliminate the QuickBooks Error Code 15217. Follow the instructions given below closely to get the desired outcome.

First Stage: Remove the Older Version of QuickBooks Installed

  1. First and foremost, open the Control Panel by typing Control Panel into the search area of the Windows search console. 
  2. After this, navigate to Programs and Features and search for the installed QuickBooks application. 
  3. Once you get the QuickBooks Desktop file, right-click on it to choose the Uninstall/Change option
  4. Later, some instructions will appear on the screen. Use them to uninstall QuickBooks Desktop completely. 

Second Stage: Renaming of the QuickBooks Folder 

  1. After removing the older version of QBDT properly, reinstall the software and change the name of the QuickBooks old folder.
  2. Now, switch to the folder containing your QuickBooks folder and right-click on it to select the Rename option.
  3. Soon after this, mention .OLD is a file extension at the end of the file name. Doing so will help you determine which is older and which is new.

Third Stage: Setting Up of the QuickBooks Software

After downloading the latest QuickBooks software, you need to reinstall the application. However, to register the QB application, use the License and Product keys you receive upon purchase of the product. Ultimately, you must download the latest QuickBooks Desktop release and updates to verify if the issue is resolved.

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Summarizing the Above!!

We are concluding this post here and hope you find it worth reading and helpful in resolving the annoying QuickBooks Error 15217. However, if you are still struggling to update the QuickBooks application, you can talk with our professionals and get it fixed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Whenever the QuickBooks Error Code 15217 is triggered, users might notice the following symptoms:
1. Users may experience a crash or freeze in their Windows operating system.
2. It could be possible that your QuickBooks program may freeze, crash, or shut down without giving any prior notification.
3. Moreover, users may have difficulty downloading the latest QuickBooks updates.

Yes, the QuickBooks Update Error 15217 may affect payroll processing, preventing users from getting the latest updates. So, it is crucial to overcome the issue quickly to ensure smooth payroll processing.

Sometimes, the users might result in QuickBooks Update Error 15217 if they don’t have enough admin rights to download the updates. So, it is necessary to give proper admin rights so they can resume downloading the latest QB updates.


Yes, the wrong internet connection settings are one of the reasons that triggered QuickBooks Error 15217. So, it is crucial to configure the internet settings to download the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop on the workstation.

Sometimes, the users might result in QuickBooks Update Error 15217 if they don’t have enough admin rights to download the updates. So, it is necessary to give proper admin rights so they can resume downloading the latest QB updates.

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