Fruitful Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 15240 Smoothly

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QuickBooks Error 15240 Accounting
May 07, 2024

QuickBooks is a highly recommended accounting solution that helps businesses streamline their day-to-day financial tasks. Moreover, QuickBooks has launched several updates to utilize the latest features and functions. Unfortunately, while downloading the recently launched QuickBooks Desktop or payroll update, users might experience QuickBooks Error 15240. It could happen while using a damaged Windows or a corrupt registry file. 

In this illustrative post, we have covered all the possible root causes that triggers QuickBooks Error Code 15240 and the solutions to fix them. As a result, it would help you get the latest QBDT payroll updates. 

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Let’s Briefly Discuss About QuickBooks Error Code 15240 

QuickBooks Error Code 15240 is users’ most common issue when downloading the latest QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates. The issue may be generated due to incorrect firewall settings, Internet Explorer security settings, or misconfigured system date and time settings. This error mainly prevents users from getting the updated payroll updates and delays payroll processing. 

It is mandatory to overcome Error 15240 in QuickBooks to resume your payroll activities smoothly without any interference. For that, you first need to understand the causes that trigger this issue, which are explained further in this post.  

Different Error Messages Associated With Error 15240 QuickBooks

Below, we have listed the error messages that may appear upon the occurrence of Error 15240 QuickBooks. 

  • Error 15240: The payroll update did not complete successfully.” 
  • File Exists: The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not being used by another program.”
  • Internet Connection Error: Unknown Error.”

What are the Factors That Might Give Rise to Error 15240 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Understanding the causes of Error 15240 in QuickBooks Desktop is crucial to gaining a clear vision and understanding of the issue. So, let’s first read the following pointers to understand the possible causes that trigger this issue.

Misconfigured Firewall Settings:- 

Sometimes, improper firewall settings prevent users from accessing the internet to install the latest QuickBooks payroll updates. 

Problems With Your Network Connectivity:-

An inadequate or unstable internet connection might generate problems while installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates, leading to QuickBooks Error 15240.

Inaccurate System’s Date and Time Settings:- 

Another possible reason is that your computer’s date and time are not set accurately according to your region.

Inadequate Administrative Permissions:- 

The users might observe QuickBooks Desktop Update Error 15240 if they don’t have sufficient rights to access or modify the files necessary for the update process in QuickBooks. 

Conflicts Due to Third-Party Software:- 

Third-party applications or security software might obstruct the update process, causing users to experience QuickBooks Error Code 15240. 

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Symptoms Related to the QuickBooks Desktop Update Error 15240

We have listed the signs and symptoms you may notice when QuickBooks Desktop Update Error 15240 occurs. 

Inability to Update the QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll:- 

Users might have trouble downloading and installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates, which prevents them from accessing the application’s updated features and functions. 

Poor Performance of the Computer:- 

The occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 15240 led to a delay or sluggish computer performance, which might create issues while installing the payroll updates. 

Flashing of Error Message:- 

Users may receive an error message stating “Error 15240: The payroll update didn’t complete successfully” on their screen.

Delay in Payroll Processing:-

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240 might delay the ongoing payroll processes and prevent users from timely preparing employee paychecks. 

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Effective and Reliable Methods to Decode QuickBooks Update Error 15240 

Fixing the complicated QuickBooks Update Error 15240 is much easier if you know the right troubleshooting methods. Go through all the solutions below closely and use the one that fits best according to the cause of your issue. 

First Method: Give Enough Permissions to QuickBooks Installation Folders

By giving enough permissions to the QuickBooks Installation folders, it becomes easier to tackle Error 15240 QuickBooks. To give the necessary permissions, apply the steps illustrated below.

  1. Before proceeding further, shut down the QuickBooks Desktop application. 
  2. Access the following location to get the files : “C: >> Program Files” and the 64-bit users “C: >> Program Files (x86).”
  3. You must right-click the Intuit folder and go with the Properties option. 
  4. Select the Security tab and then the Advanced option from the upcoming window. 
  5. Now, you must verify that the folder’s owner is available in the User group. To do so, you must perform the following steps:

◦ In the first step, hit the Change button next to the Owner’s Name from the Advanced Security window. 
◦ Now, insert Users into the text field that states Enter the object name to select and then the Check Names option. 
◦ Once you are done making the changes, hit the OK button and ensure the checkbox Replace owner is on the subcontainers and objects option is marked. 
◦ After this, click Apply > OK > Users from the Permissions window and ensure the settings are done to Full Control
◦ In the end, you have to tap Apply and then the OK option. 

6. Thereon, the users must try to get the latest updates available. However, if they still receive the error, they should resume steps 1-5 again. 

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit
◦ (64-bit users) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit
◦ C:\ProgramData\Intuit
◦ C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Intuit

Second Method: Validating The Settings of Internet Explorer 

Valid and proper Internet Explorer settings are one reason that may trigger QuickBooks Error Code 15240. To check the internet settings, you must perform the steps listed below. 

  1. In the initial stage, choose the Gear icon and opt for the highlighted Internet Options. 
  2. Soon after this, navigate to the Advanced tab, and then below the Security column, verify the checkboxes for “Use SSL 2.0” and “Use SSL 3.0.” 
Validating The Settings of Internet Explorer 

3. Ultimately, choose the Apply and OK button to save the necessary changes. 

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Third Method: Cross-Check the Settings of Third-Party Firewall 

Perform the steps below to verify that the third-party firewall settings are accurate. 

Cross-check the settings of third-party firewall
  1. To ensure that the firewall settings are correct, connect with the developer of the third-party firewall to receive assistance regarding how to adjust settings and give permissions to QB to get the latest updates. 
  2. After this, you must verify that the files listed below also have proper access to the firewall.

◦ Qbw32.exe (QuickBooks executable file)
◦ Qbupdate.exe (QuickBooks update executable file). 

Fourth Method: Ensure that the System Date and Time is Set Accurately

You might see QuickBooks Error 15240 due to your system’s incorrect date and time. To correct the system’s date and time, follow the below instructions. 

System date and time is set accurately
  1. In the first step, click on the screen’s display and choose the highlighted Change Date and Time Settings option. 
  2. After this, you must set the date and time according to the region and country you are presently staying. 
  3. Once you are all sorted with the necessary changes, tap the Apply and OK button to finish the process. 

Fifth Method: Try to Operate the QuickBooks Through Proper Admin Credentials 

Users must have proper admin user rights to access the QuickBooks application smoothly. However, if you don’t have sufficient administrative rights, you might be unable to download the latest payroll updates, which may result in QuickBooks Error 15240. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to accomplish the task. 

  1. In the first step, go to the desktop and look for the QuickBooks icon. 
  2. After that, right-click the QuickBooks icon to select the Run As Administrator option. 
  3. You are supposed to launch the particular Properties option and check its compatibility for all users. 

Sixth Method: Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop Via Clean Install Tool 

You can use the Clean Install Tool to remove all the junk files saved within a period from continuous access to the application. So, you must complete a data file backup to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. Furthermore, read the procedure below to run the clean install tool to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop. 

  1. First, users must remove the older version of QuickBooks Desktop from their system. To uninstall the older QBDT edition, follow the steps instructed below. 

    ◦ Open the Control Panel and search for the Programs and Features to search for the QuickBooks Desktop application. 
    ◦ After this, right-click the QuickBooks Desktop and choose the Uninstall a Program option. 
    ◦ This will entirely delete the previously installed QuickBooks Desktop from your device. 

    2. Now, you must modify the installation folder’s name by implementing the following steps.

    • Access the Start menu and open the File Explorer on your device. 
    • After that, launch the folder containing your data file within the QuickBooks folder. However, you must try browsing through the following location to locate the QB folder. 
    • C: >> ProgramData >> Intuit >> QuickBooks (year)
    • C: >> Users >> (current user) >> AppData >> Local >> Intuit >> QuickBooks (year)
    • C: >> Programs Files >> Intuit >> QuickBooks (year)
    • 64-bit version C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Intuit >> QuickBooks (year)
    • Next, right-click the QuickBooks folder and tap the Rename option by inserting .OLD at the end of the folder name. Then, press the Enter key to restore the necessary changes. 
    • In the next step, you must try to reinstall the QuickBooks application. 

    ◦ Before proceeding further, verify that your system meets the basic requirements to operate QuickBooks smoothly. 
    ◦ After this, get the updated version of QuickBooks and save the .exe file. Later, you must ensure that you keep the License and Registration Number handy
    ◦ You are supposed to open the .exe setup file and go through the on-screen prompts. Then, read the License Agreement carefully. 
    ◦ In the next step, insert the Product and License Numbers within the search panel. 
    ◦ You must verify the internet network connection and hit the Express Install as your Installation Type
    ◦ Furthermore, click Next > Install and then try to open the QuickBooks application again on your workstation. 
    ◦ Thereon, register the QuickBooks application by hitting the Help tab and picking the Activate QuickBooks Desktop application. 
    ◦ Next, cross-check the details entered and add the correct Product and License details carefully. 

    Concluding Words!

    We hope this comprehensive guide helps you overcome QuickBooks Error 15240 easily and install the QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates successfully. If you are still facing any challenges, you can get help from our QB experts, who will assist you best. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Before you try to resolve QuickBooks Error 15240, you must consider certain things in your mind.

    1. Initially, you must generate a data file backup via either the QuickBooks application or an external drive to local storage.
    2. Try to run the Windows using the proper administrative rights.
    3. Also, verify that you are working on the updated QuickBooks Desktop application.
    4. Disable the firewall or the antivirus application if it’s creating issues with the update process.
    5. Test the date and time mentioned on the system from the bottom right corner of the screen.

    At times, users might end up with QuickBooks Error Code 15240 when the Windows firewall or the antivirus software interrupts the internet access to get the latest payroll updates. So, it’s necessary to configure the Windows firewall settings so that you can download the payroll updates smoothly.

    Below, we have mentioned the operating systems in which you are confronted with Error 15240 QuickBooks Desktop.

    1. Windows 2000
    2. Windows ME
    3. Windows XP
    4. Windows Vista
    5. Windows 2000
    6. Windows 10
    7. Windows 7

    Below are some possible reasons that may strike QuickBooks Error Code 15240.

    1. Improper administrative rights to download the latest QuickBooks Payroll.
    2. It could be possible that you are not accessing a stable and high-internet network connection.
    3. Another reason may be accessing an expired or invalid digital signature certificate.

    The occurrence of QuickBooks Error Code 15240 might prevent you from downloading the payroll updates. Consequently, it might obstruct the payroll processes and stop you from processing the payroll on time.

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