QuickBooks Error 1904: Causes and Fixes Explained

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QuickBooks Error 1904 Accounting
Jul 01, 2024

QuickBooks has undoubtedly earned a great name in the accounting industry, helping streamline complex finance-related activities. But suddenly, users might report the most frustrating QuickBooks Error 1904 while installing the QuickBooks Desktop application. It could happen when there is damage or corruption in your company file. 

Unfortunately, the 1904 Error QuickBooks might cause blunders in proceeding with ongoing tasks seamlessly. So, let this guide act as your support system in finding the causes behind the issue and effective solutions to fix it.

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Here’s a Brief Introduction About the QuickBooks Error Code 1904

The users might have experienced QuickBooks Error Code 1904 during the software installation. It could also occur after upgrading the operating system from one version to another. Besides this, the error throws any one of the following error messages stating:-

Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] failed to register” or “Error 1904: IcWrapper Dll Failed To Register.” 

How to fix QuickBooks error 1904

Error 1904 QuickBooks states that specific Microsoft components, such as NETFramework or MSXML, are required for installing QuickBooks, which isn’t working properly. Other reasons could be inappropriate file locations, an outdated QB application, or a poor internet connection. Fixing the issue immediately is possible; otherwise, it may disrupt the workflow. 

What are the Reasons That Encourage QuickBooks Install Error 1904 to Appear? 

There are plenty of reasons why users struggle with QuickBooks Install Error 1904. It’s mandatory to gain in-depth knowledge of all of them, which will assist you in fixing the issue smoothly. Below, we have stated all the possible root causes that trigger this issue.

Insufficient Storage Space:- 

You must have adequate storage space to download and install QuickBooks Desktop. A lack of storage space might result in installation issues, such as QuickBooks Error Code 1904. 

Software Compatability Issues:- 

The outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop might not be compatible with your latest Windows operating system. Thus, it might interrupt the users from installing the application and end up with a 1904 QuickBooks Error. 

Inadequate User Permissions:- 

Proper user permissions are required to seamlessly edit and install the QuickBooks Desktop application on your device. However, if the users don’t have proper permissions, this might cause this issue and interrupt the ongoing tasks. 

Problems Due to Corrupted Installer:- 

At times, it has been reported that the installation file gets damaged or corrupted during QuickBooks download or transfer. As a result, it might create problems with the installation and cause this error. 

Network-Related Issues:- 

Sometimes, an inconsistent internet connection might create problems with the QuickBooks installation and give rise to Error 1904 in QuickBooks. 

Presence of Corruption in Windows Registry:- 

The installation issue may be due to the damaged or corrupted Windows Registry. 

Conflicts Due to Interruption of Firewall or Antivirus Software:- 

In certain instances, this issue may trigger when the Windows Firewall or antivirus software blocks access to the Internet, which might prevent users from installing QuickBooks. 

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What is the impact of Getting Error 1904 in QuickBooks Desktop? 

Upon the arrival of Error 1904 in QuickBooks Desktop, the users might face the following consequences. Let’s walk through the following repercussions to prevent the error from occurring in the future. 

  1. The QuickBooks application might not be able to be installed, which could create problems while you continue with your financial tasks. 
  2. In some instances, you may observe the computer’s sluggish performance due to this error. 
  3. The users may observe that their system stops displaying automatic updates on their system. 
  4. Sometimes, the QuickBooks Error Code 1904 started freezing or crashing frequently. 
  5. This error will eventually result in the slow performance of their Windows operating system. 

Explore More About How to fix error 1904 when Installing QuickBooks

The procedure for installing QuickBooks Desktop is straightforward and simple. However, complications may arise during the installation due to QuickBooks error 1904. You don’t have to worry anymore if you are struggling with this error, as it can be easily fixed with the following tried-and-tested solutions. Let’s thoroughly review the steps listed in the same sequence as listed below.  

Quick Fix 1: Adjusting the Windows Account Settings Properly 

The inaccurate Windows account settings might be responsible for the appearance of QuickBooks Error Code 1904. So, to overcome the issue, you must modify the account settings by implementing the steps below. 

Transferring to your Windows Admin Account

  1. Initially, tap the Start menu and then launch the Command Prompt window. For that, mention “CMD” in the search console of the Start menu and hit the Enter key.
  2. After that, once you see the CMD icon, right-click on it to pick the Run as Administrator option.
  3. Once you see that the CMD window loads, add the “net user administrator/ active: yes” command and press the Enter key to move ahead. 
  4. Afterwards, the users must remember to shut down the window once the command is complete. 
  5. Following this, you must press the Windows key and choose the Sign-Out option. 
  6. Finally, you must pick a suitable account that states Administrator and then log into the account with the proper details. The best thing is that you don’t require to enter the password manually. 

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Editing Of User Permissions Manually 

  1. In the beginning, hit the Windows key from the keyboard and add File Explorer in the search field to open it on your workstation.
  2. After that, look for the “C: >> Program Files >> Common Files” to proceed further. 
  3. Following this, right-click the Common Files folder and then hit the Properties option. 
  4. Proceed further by moving to the Security tab and then tap the Edit menu.
  5. Now, you must choose the highlighted “Group or user names” section and click the Users option.
  6. Thereon, disable the following permissions: “Modify, Read & execute, List Folder contents, Read, Write. 
  7. Once you are sure that all the changes are done accurately, hit the Apply and then the OK button to save those changes. 

Perform the Installation of QuickBooks Again and then Log Out

  1. Visit the official Intuit website to download the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop. 
  2. Once the download is over, launch the downloaded setup and use the on-screen prompts to accomplish the QBDT installation. 
  3. After successfully completing the QuickBooks application, click the Start menu and log out of the admin account. 
  4. Thereon, you are required to logged into your usual user account again and open the Command Prompt window.
  5. Furthermore, mention the “net user administrator / active:no” in the search panel and press Enter. Eventually, it will hide your administrator account successfully. 

Quick Fix 2: Take Advantage of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic is the perfect tool to diagnose and repair the issues with the installation of the application. Thus, it helps to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error Code 1904 so that you can resume your ongoing financial tasks. 

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 
  1. Firstly, ensure that the users are ready to download the updated version of QuickBooks Tool Hub on their PCs. 
  2. After this, complete the installation of the Tool Hub by implementing the instructions given on the screen. 
  3. Once you are all sorted with the installation, double-tap the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon, and from there, choose the Installation Issues tab. 
  4. Thereon, the users must pick the highlighted QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool tab and let the tool run. 
  5. Now, you are supposed to wait patiently unless the tool diagnoses and repairs the damages present in the QuickBooks application.
  6. Finally, relaunch your computer and open QuickBooks to verify whether the issue persists. 

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Quick Fix 3: Get Ready With the Updated Version of Adobe Flash Player Installed 

You can also resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1904 by reinstalling the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. 

  1. In the beginning, open the Run Command window by hitting the Windows + R keys together. 
  2. After that, mention “Control Panel” in the search field and hit Enter to bring up the Control Panel window. 
  3. You are supposed to hit the Uninstall a Program option and then tap on the Adobe Flash Player twice from the list of programs available.
Updated Version of Adobe Flash Player Installed 
  1. In the next step, choose the Uninstall option and proceed further with the instructions given on the screen. 
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the Adobe Flash Player, move further.
  3. Finally, when you are done with the installation part, relaunch your system and try to install QuickBooks again to check the error status.

Quick Fix 4: Start Fixing the Damages in Windows Components Manually 

To troubleshoot damages in Windows Components such as NETFramework and MSXML, follow the steps outlined below. 

Instructions to Repair the .NETFramework Issues 

  1. Before processing ahead, you must shut down all the open programs on your workstation.
  2. Afterward, press the Windows key and open the Control Panel window on the screen. 
  3. Soon after this, from the list of installed programs, go with the .NETFramework option.
  4. Later on, browse to the Programs and Features to repair the issue quickly. 
Fixing the Damages in Windows Components Manually

Instructions For the Registration of MSXML.dll File 

  1. To begin the process, users must type “CMD” in the search console of the Start menu. 
  2. Once you locate the icon of CMD, right-click on it to choose the highlighted Run as Administrator option.
  3. With this, you will notice that the Command Prompt window will open up on the screen wherein mention “cmd” to receive the C: root directory. 
  4. You are supposed to press the shortcut key on the keyboard CD Windows/ syswow64/. 
  5. After getting the syswow64, include regsvr32 MSXML6.dll and press the Enter key. 
  6. Finally, try to install the QuickBooks application again to verify the issue. 

Quick Fix 5: Confirm that Operating System is updated to the latest version 

Running an outdated operating system is a major cause of QuickBooks Error 1904. So, to troubleshoot the issue, it’s crucial to update the operating system using the following steps. 

  1. Users must press the Windows key and hit the Gear icon to continue with the process. 
  2. Afterward, the users must tap the highlighted Update and Security and then the Update tab.
  3. Once you are all set, tap the Check For Updates option to continue the process. 
  4. Finally, relaunch your computer after completing the update process and open the QuickBooks Desktop to verify if the QuickBooks Error Code 1904 exists. 

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Other Instances When You Get Error 1904 in QuickBooks Desktop 

In this blog’s section, we have described different instances when you see Error 1904 in QuickBooks Desktop. Use the following troubleshooting steps to eliminate the issue instantly. 

Instance 1: When you experience the Error 1904 While running Bitdefender 

The users must add QuickBooks Desktop to the Bitdefender exclusion list. However, turning of the Bitdefender software won’t fix the issue in the following cases.

  1. When you are running the 32-bit of Windows OS, mention “C: >> Program Files >> Common Files.”
  2. Whereas, if you are operating a 64 bit operating system, then list the “C: >> Program Files >> Intuit C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Intuit.”

Instance 2: When you encounter Error 1904 while installing Adobe Flash Player

If you see Error 1904 while installing Adobe Flash Player, uninstall it and install it again. To do so, you must apply the following steps carefully. 

  1. The first and foremost step is to download and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. 
  2. Once you are all set, hit the Windows key and add “Control Panel” within the search panel to open the Control Panel window. 
  3. Afterward, navigate to the Uninstall a Program option and hit the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX from the available options. Then, tap the Uninstall option to proceed further with the ongoing process. 
  4. Soon after this, you must follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall Adobe Player successfully.
  5. Furthermore, get the updated version of the Adobe Flash Player and then try installing it again by applying the steps given on the screen. 

Instance 3: When you Receive Error 1904 referring to QBversionTool.dll 

Before resolving this issue, you must run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and adjust the admin settings. Once you are all set, use the steps given below to resolve the issue quickly. 

Testing Of Your Permissions 

Even after running the Install Diagnostic tool if you are still receiving the Error 1904 QuickBooks, run the test to find out if anything else is responsible for this issue. 

  1. In the first stage, open the Start menu and add “Notepad” to open it on your workstation. 
  2. Once the notepad opens up on the screen, write “QBTEST” in the note. 
  3. Soon after this, navigate to the File menu and choose the Save As option to restore the changes made. 
  4. Furthermore, you are required to save the changes done to either “C: >> Program Files >> Common Files” or to the “C: >> Program Files(x86) >> Common Files.”
  5. Afterward, if you fail to save the note to the folder, sign in again and try to install the QB with the proper admin credentials. 

Installation of the QuickBooks With Admin Credentials 

  1. To commence with, you must launch the Start menu, and then log out. 
  2. Once you are all sorted, pick the account named Administrator and then log out. 
  3. End the entire process by installing QB with admin details and following the steps provided on the screen. 

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Taking Everything Into Account!!

We hope you can easily overcome QuickBooks Error 1904 after implementing the solutions described in this post. If you need help with installing the QuickBooks application, get help from professionals. They are just a call away to help you out in the best possible manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Use the following steps if the above-listed solution doesn’t help with QuickBooks Error 1904.

1. You must complete a scanning of the antivirus and security scanning through the software.
2. Also, you must manage the internet bandwidth speed to install the file uninterruptedly.
3. When you are in the multi-user mode, confirm that the shared update checkbox is unchecked.

The “Module Failed to Register” error might pop up on the screen when a DLL file such as “ICWrapper.dll” doesn’t register appropriately during the installation process. It could also occur due to the presence of corrupted or incompatible software.

It’s important to fulfill the following prerequisites to prevent the QuickBooks Error Code 1904.

1. Confirming that you have scheduled the backup of the company file to safeguard your crucial data.
2. Proper Windows user permissions are necessary so that nothing prevents you from getting QB installed.
3. Another important thing is getting a consistent internet connection for error-free QBDT installation.

The Error 1904 QuickBooks is related to the installation. But, for the safer side, it is important to prepare the scheduled data file backup.

If the solutions don’t work to fix Errror 1904 QuickBooks, then communicate with the professionals through a call and get the issue fixed quickly.

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