How Can I Easily Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038?

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QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 Accounting
May 16, 2024

QuickBooks error PS038 is a payroll-related error in the program, which occurs when you try to run payroll service or when downloading the latest tax table updates. Besides, it may also occur when the paycheck gets stuck with the status “Online to Send.” The latest updated tax tables are crucial for your business’s accurate payroll processing. 

However, this error can disrupt the process and make it prone to multi-faceted issues. Therefore, we will try to resolve the error code PS038 in QuickBooks after navigating through the potential causes for the same. Let’s move ahead. 

What Is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038?

Error PS038 in QuickBooks belongs to the error code series “PSXXX,” which indicates an issue with the QuickBooks payroll update process. When this error occurs, it can give an error message on your screen with the text: 

In this error message, “mm/dd/yyyy” indicates the date before you need to take the required action. This error message can affect or hinder your payroll processes. The error commonly shows up with the paychecks are marked as “Online to send,” when they are stuck in the processing queue. There can be numerous factors that can cause this error, and it is crucial to highlight them for an effective troubleshooting solution. 

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What Can Cause QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038? 

There are several program-related or technical factors that can promote the error code PS038 in QuickBooks Payroll. You can find them in the following list: 

  • When you are not using the latest patch of the QuickBooks Payroll software.  
  • Partial/incomplete installation of software on your system.  
  • Improperly configured payroll subscription setup.
  • Payroll service subscription is inactive in QuickBooks.  
  • Your Firewall is preventing QuickBooks from establishing a stable Internet connection.  
  • A malicious program might affect the performance of the program.  
  • Conflicting programs running in the background can also give rise to QuickBooks error PS038.  
  • A possible damage in network data (.ND) file or transaction log (.TLG) file.
  • An abrupt system shuts down, corrupting your company file data.   
  • Failure to meet the system requirements.  

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Important Points Before You Fix The Payroll Error PS038 in QuickBooks

Ready for troubleshooting? Have a look at some important considerations before finally moving to the troubleshooting solutions: 

  • Make sure that you are using a supported version of QuickBooks, which is updated to the latest release.  
  • Your QuickBooks Payroll service must have the latest version of the tax tables installed.  
  • Create a backup of the QuickBooks company file to secure your crucial financial data from any mishaps.  
  • Before you advance, you should run QuickBooks in single-user mode.  
  • Don’t use the Rebuild data utility to repair the data integrity issues in QuickBooks.  

How To Put PS038 Error in QuickBooksDesktop To An End?  

Now that the error code PS038 is not unfamiliar anymore, we can move ahead with the fixation of this payroll update error. Below are the solutions that can help you with the process. 

Solution 1: Check The Stability Of Your Internet Connection

You won’t be able to download the payroll updates if your Internet connection is unstable or weak. Therefore, you need to check the strength of your Internet connection in the first place.

  • When in QuickBooks, go to the Internet Connection Setup option.
  • Next, you need to click on “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet”.
  • Further, hit Next to move ahead.  
  • Thereafter, you have to click on the Advanced Connection Settings.
  • Here, select the Restore Advanced Settings, which you can find underneath the Advanced tab.
  • In the end, click OK >> Done as the final step.

If the QuickBooks error PS038 persists even after having a stable Internet connection, move to the next procedure. 

Solution 2: Examine Your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

Examine your QuickBooks payroll service key

You need to examine and ensure that your QuickBooks Payroll subscription is active and is updated with the accurate service key. Below are the steps: 

  • Before you start, close the QuickBooks Desktop company file.  
  • Next, you need to launch the QuickBooks on your device.  
  • Go to the Employees section and click on My Payroll Service.  
  • Moving ahead, click on Manage Payroll Service Key.
  • Here, you will see the Service Keys window.
  • Check and confirm that the Service status is “active.”  
  • If not, click on the Edit option and verify the service key number.  
  • In case the service key is incorrect, enter the correct one and click Next.  
  • Unselect the Open Payroll Setup field and hit Finish to conclude the process.  

Now that you have your QuickBooks payroll subscription active, make sure that the QuickBooks error code PS038 is fixed. However, if the result is not desirable, move to the next solution. 

Solution 3: Check Your Firewall or Internet Security Settings 

Your Firewall or Internet security settings are intended to secure your device from malicious applications. However, they might perceive QuickBooks processes as a threat to the security. 

Therefore, they might block the program from accessing the Internet and give rise to the error code PS038. If this is the case, you need to add QuickBooks as an exception so that the program can access the Internet to download the updates. Check how to set up Firewall and security settings for QuickBooks.  

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks With The Admin Login Credentials

Make sure that you have admin privileges to install the latest tax table updates for the QuickBooks Payroll service. If you don’t know how to accomplish it, follow these steps: 

  • Locate and go to the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your system.  
  • Right-click on it, and it will open a drop-down menu.
  • Select the Run as Administrator option from the drop-down list.  
  • Enter the credentials and run the payroll service without getting errors.  

Solution 5: Install The Latest Maintenance Release For QuickBooks

An outdated version of QuickBooks can become problematic for day-to-day accounting tasks. Therefore, you need to have the latest update for QuickBooks installed on your system.

  • In the initial step, you need to open the QuickBooks Desktop application.  
  • Now, navigating to the Help menu will take you ahead.
  • Here, choose the tab labeled Update QuickBooks Desktop.  
Update QuickBooks desktop
  • Consequently, click the Update Now option located at the top-right corner.  
  • Next, click the Get Updates option, and it will download the latest QuickBooks updates.  

After the completion of the process, restart the program and check if it still gives the error code PS038 while updating the payroll service in QuickBooks. 

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Solution 6: Send Your Usage Data Again

After updating the QuickBooks application, you can move ahead with the troubleshooting of the PS038 QuickBooks error. Here, you need to try sending your payroll.

  • In QuickBooks, go to My Payroll Services.  
  • Now, click on Send Usage Data, which is located below the Employees tab. 
  • If you are able to send your data, update the payroll service again. 

If the error PS038 in QuickBooks Desktop appears again, jump to the next solution. 

Solution 7: Determine The Paychecks That Are Stuck 

After following the solutions in chronological order, you need to find the paychecks that are stuck in this procedure. Below is how you can do it: 

  • Go to the Edit section in QuickBooks and then select the Find option.  
  • Thereafter, you need to select the Advanced tab to move ahead.
  • Now, you are supposed to go to the Advanced tab.  
  • Next, in the Choose Filter section, you will see the Filter list.  
  • Select Detail Level from the list, and it will take you to the next step. 
  • Here, you have to select the Summary Only option.
  • Now, go back to the Filter list, move down, and select Online Status.  
  • Your next selection will be the “Online to Send” tab.  
  • Consequently, select Find, and it will show you the stuck paychecks that were not sent to Intuit.

Solution 8: Use Verify Data & Rebuild Data Utilities 

Verify data and rebuild data utilities

Verify and Rebuild Data utilities in QuickBooks to identify and resolve the data integrity issues in the QuickBooks, respectively. You need to run the Verify Data utility in the first place to identify the data integrity issues in the QuickBooks company file. 

  • Go to File and then select the Utilities option.  
  • Next, you need to select the Verify Data option, which will identify the existing issues with the company file data.  
  • If an issue is detected, you need to run the Rebuild Data utility from the Utilities option.  
  • Wait for it to repair your data and check the status for the QuickBooks error PS038.

Solution 9: Verify The Information On Paychecks That Are Stuck 

Still, getting the error message? Verify the information on the problematic paychecks (stuck with “Online to send” status).  

  • You need to begin with the oldest paycheck.  
  • Thereafter, select the Paycheck Detail button.
  • When it opens the Review Paycheck window, and go to the Earnings section.  
  • Here, add the same earnings, which is the last item on the list.  
  • The next thing you will see is a Net Pay Locked message, wherein you have to select No. 
  • Here, you need to make sure that no changes are made to the tax amounts and net pay.
  • Now, select the OK tab.
  • If you get a Past Transaction message, just click on Yes and move ahead.
  • Now, moving further with the process, select Save & Close.
  • It will close the paycheck.
  • Also, you need to select Yes to the Recording Transaction warning message.
  • Again, open the paycheck and select the Paycheck Details button.  
  • Consequently, delete the earning items that were added in the Earning section.  
  • When moving ahead, you need to make sure that the tax amounts and net pay remain the same and click OK.

You have to follow the same set of steps until each one of the stuck paychecks is fixed. After that, you may try updating the payroll tax tables in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service to end the PS038 error QuickBooks Desktop. 

Putting It Together!  

If you are facing the error PS038 when updating the payroll tax tables in QuickBooks, it is crucial to fix this issue. If not, it can cause multiple issues in your payroll processes. This post can help you troubleshoot the error. Moreover, if you need real-time assistance from an expert over the call, you may contact the helpline number for QuickBooks Help Desk. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

An inactive payroll subscription can promote error code PS038. To check the status:
• In QuickBooks, go to the Employees section.
• Next, click on My Payroll Service.
• After that, click on the Manage Payroll Service Key.
• When the Service Keys window appears, check and confirm that the Service status is “active.”

Yes! If you haven’t updated your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest patch, you are more likely to receive an error when running the program. Therefore, you should update QuickBooks regularly to prevent several errors. Moreover, it can also support the troubleshooting process of QuickBooks error PS038.

If you want to reset QuickBooks updates, implementing the below-given steps can help:
• Open the QuickBooks application and navigate to the Options tab.
• Next, you need to select the Mark All option and then select the Save button.
• Now, navigate to the Update Now tab and tick-mark the box for Reset Update.
• After finishing with the previous steps, select Get Updates.

Sometimes, damaged Windows components or outdated Windows can also cause QuickBooks payroll update errors. In such a scenario, you may look for the latest Windows updates and install them to prevent this update issue in QuickBooks.

Yes! QuickBooks File Doctor tool can repair the damaged company file, which is a potential reason for the QuickBooks error code PS038. Running the QBFD tool diagnoses the company file for the damage or corruption and repairs them automatically.

You can try resolving the error by repairing the damaged installation of the program and potential data integrity issues in the company file. Thereafter, you can update the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service to override the error code PS038. However, if nothing works, you can contact a professional and ask for help after explaining the error.

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