QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File? Apply These Updated Solutions To Fix it.

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QuickBooks Can't Find Company File Accounting Business
Apr 15, 2024

The company file is the most important asset for the organization, and it may be very problematic if you fail to access it. Sometimes, the users might discover QuickBooks can’t find company file issues while accessing the data file. It could happen due to damage or corruption in the data file or to some issue switching the file location. So, it is crucial to sort out this issue quickly. Otherwise, it might stop the ongoing tasks and prevent you from completing the financial tasks. In this illustrative post, we have summarized all the root causes that lead to this issue along with the effective measures to overcome it. 

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What Do You Mean By QuickBooks Company File Can’t Be Found Issue?

The users may notice the QuickBooks company file can’t be found issue while trying to launch the data file. At times, when the users get stuck with the issue, they may notice any one of the following error messages on the screen:

Warning: The company file you selected could not be found. You can try one of the following: 

Choose the 'Open or Restore Company...' command from the 'File' menu to look for this file in a different directory.


Use the 'Search' tool from the Windows 'Start Menu' to search for this file 

This issue may occur if either the company file is moved to another location or the file name has changed. Another reason could be that your system is detached from its original file location. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the issue quickly with the solutions explained further in the post. 

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What are the Reasons Behind the Appearance of QuickBooks Company File Lost Error? 

Users might encounter a QuickBooks Company File Lost error due to a problem with the company file’s location. Numerous other factors might also be responsible for this error. So, to update you on them, we have described a few of them below. 

  1. The QuickBooks Desktop you are working on has not been updated for a long time.
  2. The presence of damage or corruption in the QBWUSER.ini file might be responsible for this issue.
  3. An issue may arise if the company file name contains the required characters. You must also ensure that it does not contain invalid symbols. 
  4. It could be possible that the essential data file related to QuickBooks is removed locally or from the server. 
  5. In other cases, the issue may arise due to the damage to the hard drive. 
  6. Also, the QuickBooks company file lost error may appear on the screen due to an incorrect location or file extension. 

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Best DIY Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Company File Can’t Be Found Issue

After getting the immense information regarding the QuickBooks Company File Can’t be Found issue, it’s time to fix it quickly to regain access to the data file and continue your ongoing task. So, you must go through the troubleshooting methods listed below for quick resolution. 

Resolution Way 1: Avoid Saving the Desktop While Shutting Down the QuickBooks

If any files are left open on Windows, QuickBooks will open them again even if you shut down your company file. However, the QuickBooks application might freeze on startup if you have a big report or various windows set to launch automatically. 

Steps to Launch Data File Without Any Saved Windows 

  1. Initiate the process by launching the QuickBooks Desktop to move further.
  2. After this, navigate to the No Company Open screen and pick the data file. 
  3. You must hold the Alt key and tap the Open button until the file opens on your screen. However, if QuickBooks prompts you to login, leave the Alt key and insert the password accurately. Once again, hit the Alt key and then press the OK button. 

However, if your company file opens accurately, switch off the Save the Desktop option while shutting down the preference. 

  1. The users must move to the Edit menu and then opt for Preferences. 
  2. After this, switch to the Desktop View followed by Don’t save the desktop > OK button.
  3. Thereon, you must try to exit and launch the QuickBooks application again. Later, try to open the data file to ensure the issue is resolved. 

Resolution Way 2: Hosting on the Workstations Must be Disabled

While hosting the data file on the network, you must turn off hosting on all your workstations and check that hosting is enabled only on your server computer. 

  1. To start the process, ensure you have opened QuickBooks on all the workstations.
  2. After this, in place of opening your data file, navigate to the File menu and Utilities.
    • For instance, if you see the Host Multi-User Access option, avoid choosing it. Instead, proceed to the next workstation.
    • On the side side, if you see the Stop Multi-User Access option, tap on it. 
  3. Now, you must perform all the steps again on all your workstations. 

Resolution Way 3: Shift Your Company File to a New Location 

Most of the time, users might discover QuickBooks won’t open the company file due to issues with the data file location. So, to resolve the issue, transfer your file to the desktop and try to access it from there. However, confirm that everything is logged out if you have shared your data file on a network. Furthermore, go through the following instructions to change the file’s location. 

  1. Commence the procedure by opening the File Explorer on your device.
  2. Afterward, locate the folder that holds your data file. Your data file in the QuickBooks folder will be presented as “[Your Company Name].qbw.”
  3. Thereon, you must right-click the data file and tap the Copy option. 
  4. Now, right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose the Paste option.
  5. You must launch the QuickBooks Desktop on your device and then navigate to File > Open or Restore Company option. 
  6. The users must pick the data file they copied to the desktop and click the Open button. 
  7. If you can launch the data file from the desktop, it means that something is wrong with your file location. In such a scenario, you must transfer your data file to a new folder; if you share it on a network, you must share the entire folder. 

Resolution Way 4: Try to Launch a Sample Company File 

Opening the sample company file in QuickBooks will help you identify whether the issue is related to your data file or the application itself. Therefore, you must apply the step-by-step instructions below to open the sample data file. 

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is press the Windows key to bring up the Start menu on your desktop.
  2. After this, hit the Ctrl key and select the QuickBooks option. Ensure you don’t leave the Ctrl key until you launch the QuickBooks application on your device. 
  3. Now, switch to the highlighted Open a Sample File option.
  4. Next, if you are still struggling while opening the QuickBooks application or the sample company file, you will see the error that the program is creating the problem. If you can access the sample data file properly, try fixing the issue using another resolution method. 

Resolution Way 5: Install the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Updates and Verify the File Type 

  1. Choose the Update available option to install your workstation’s latest QuickBooks update version. Then, opt for the Install Now option to install the updates successfully on the device. Once the updates are downloaded on the device, launch QuickBooks again. 
  2. Moreover, you must verify that the file you are opening is a data file with .QBW file extension. You won’t be able to launch the other file type such as backups (QBB), and portable files (QBM) in the same manner. 
  3. Thereon, verify that your file is still not compressed or encrypted using the steps given below.
    • You must right-click the data file to opt for the Properties option.
    • To proceed, select the Advanced option. Also, verify that the checkboxes of Compress and Encrypt are not selected. 
    • After this, press the OK button to complete the process.

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Alternative Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Company File is Missing or Cannot be Found Issue.

In this blog section, we have listed some additional resolution methods that will help you deal with QuickBooks Company File is missing or can’t be found issues. 

Instance 1: When you are using the QuickBooks File over the network 

You must use resolution methods while accessing the data file over the network. 

First Troubleshooting Way: Try to Open Your Data File in QuickBooks 

You must launch the data file in QuickBooks, depending on the file you are opening.

  1. To launch the data file (.qbw) or an accountant’s copy (.qba)
  • You must navigate to the File menu > Open or Restore Company.
  • After this, choose the Open a Company followed by the Next option.
Open data company file
  • Afterward, pick the data file and click the Open button to complete the process. 
  1. For restoring the backup company file (.qbb) 
  • Users must tap the File menu first and then Open or Restore Company.
open or restore company file
  • Subsequently, go with the Restore a Backup File > Next > Local Backup option.
  • Now, you must select the data file and hit the Next button.
  • You are supposed to move to the location where you wish to save the restored file. 
  1. For the restoration of an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File (.qbx)
  • In the beginning, browse to the File menu > Open or Restore a Company option.
  • Afterward, go with the Convert and Accountant’s Copy Transfer File and then choose the Next option.
convert and accountant’s copy transfer file
  • However, if you see the “What the Accountant’s Copy Can and Can’t Do?” window, it will appear on the screen. 
  • You are supposed to choose the transfer file (.qbx) and then choose the Open option.
  • Finally, pick the location where you wish to place the Accountant’s Copy File and hit Save.

Second Troubleshooting Way: Look for All the Data Files 

The users must move to their server and search for all the data files, including any of the following file extensions. 

  • .qbw (Working Files)
  • .qby (Accountants Change File)
  • .qba (Accountant’s Copy File)
  • .qbx (Accountant’s Transfer Files)
  • .qbb (Back Up Files) 

Once you get the data file, you must note down its location in a safe place. However, if you have issues finding the company file, contact an IT expert to get it. 

Third Troubleshooting Way: Test the Connectivity by Pinging the Server 

Sometimes, the misconfiguration of the network connection might end up with QuickBooks Can’t find the file issue. 

  1. Initially, you must search for the server computer’s name with the following steps.
    • The users must open the Run Command window by hitting the Windows + R keys together.
    • Thereon, include CMD in the search area and hit the OK button to launch the Command Prompt window.
    • You must mention ipconfig/all within the new window and press the Enter key to move further.
    • At last, you must write down the name of the Host Name (servername) in a safe place. 
  1. Afterward, mention ping [name of your server] and then hit the Enter key to proceed.
  2. Later on, you must seek the reply of every packet.
    • If you find the reply for every pocket, it reflects that your computer is linked to the network.
    • Conversely, if you notice a packet loss or a slow reply, your network must be tested by a well-trained IT expert. 
Concluding Words!!

This informative post would have provided you with all the effective solutions to terminate the QuickBooks Can’t find company file issue. If you can’t open the data file even after using the above methods or need further assistance, consult our QB experts. They will ensure you to provided with the best possible solutions within the least possible time. 

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