How To Deal With QuickBooks Missing PDF Component? Explained

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QuickBooks missing pdf component Accounting
Apr 24, 2024

When using QuickBooks software, you may encounter a persistent error message reflecting on your screen with the text-

This error message can prevent you from printing reports and documents from within the QuickBooks application. If you are someone who frequently needs to print documents in QuickBooks, then this error can be annoying for you. Fret not! Recognizing the possible reasons behind this error can help you with the troubleshooting processes.

Don’t look any further as this post highlights the potential reasons behind Quickbooks pdf missing component issue, along with their respective troubleshooting solutions.

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What Is QuickBooks Missing PDF Component Windows 11?

QuickBooks Missing PDF component is a common issue in the program that can take place when printing reports, transactions, email forms, or other documents inside the program. Besides, it can also occur while saving anything as PDF file. Improperly configured printer settings, or an outdated version of the Adobe Reader are some of the most common reasons that can cause this error.

However, some other factors can also promote it while printing documents in QuickBooks. Being able to resolve the issue on your own can save your team from further inconvenience. Some of the common instances of missing PDF component QuickBooks errors are:

  • The driver is not working.
  • Missing or damaged PDF component.
  • Unable to create or print PDF.
  • Unrecoverable error in QuickBooks.
  • Inability to save as .PDF file.
  • Unable to print due to printer connection issues.
  • Error code 1801 or 1722 in QuickBooks.

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What Are The Potential Causes Of QuickBooks Desktop Missing PDF Component?

QuickBooks missing PDF component is a common and perplexing issue that can take place when printing docs from inside the software. Some of the most apparent reasons behind this error are:

1: Damaged QuickBooks Installation 

Partially installed or damaged QuickBooks application is more likely to get an error while performing different tasks, and printing documents can be one of them.

2: Outdated QuickBooks Software 

Failing to update QuickBooks at regular intervals can make it prone to multi-faceted issues. Besides, it can also cause compatibility issues with your printer.

3: Damaged Windows Components

Windows components play a crucial role in installing or updating a program. When damaged, it can evoke the QuickBooks 2023 missing PDF component Windows 11 issue.

4: Insufficient User Permissions

PDF components need sufficient permissions to function properly. Make sure that you have sufficient permissions to access and use the PDF components, or it can cause an error while printing.

5: Problematic Adobe Reader

A missing or damaged Adobe Reader is a possible factor that can bring forth errors while printing docs. Moreover, you may also receive the error if the Adobe Reader is outdated.

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How Can I Resolve Quickbooks PDF Component Missing Windows 11?

If you are willing to self-resolve the QuickBooks missing PDF component issue, please find below some comprehensive solutions explained to you.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop App To The Latest Release 

Update QuickBooks desktop app to the latest release

An error in QuickBooks may imply that the program has not been updated to the latest release. To rule out this possibility, you may check if updating QuickBooks can resolve the problem. There are two ways you can update the program.

1: From Within the QuickBooks

  • When in QuickBooks, select Close Company or Logoff, which is located underneath the File tab, and then hit Exit. 
  • Now, right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select the Run as Administrator option from the drop-down list.
  • Once logged in with the admin privileges, you can select the Update QuickBooks option from under the Help tab.
  • Tick the box for the Mark All option under the Options menu and click Save.
  • Now, under the Update Now menu, click Reset Update and then Get Updates.
  • In the end, restart the QuickBooks application and click Yes inside the confirmation box.

2: Outside The QuickBooks

  • Go to the QuickBooks Download and Update page to begin with this procedure. 
  • Now, using the Select Product drop-down menu, select your QuickBooks product.
  • After that, pick your QuickBooks version using the Select Version drop-down menu and click the Search button.
  • Subsequently, click on the Get Latest Updates option and hit Save.
  • It will download the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, which you can install using the on-screen prompts.

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Solution 2: Update and Download The Erroneous Adobe Acrobat Reader

Quickbooks PDF component missing error can take place if the Adboe Acrobat Reader is damaged or outdated. Therefore, you need to update and repair it to get rid of this printing error in QuickBooks.

1: Check If An Update Is Available. If Yes, Install It. 

  • Click on the Windows Start icon, and when it opens a search box, type Adobe into it.
  • When the Adobe Reader appears in the search result, click to open it.
Update and download the erroneous Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Now, in the Help tab, click on the Check for Updates option.
  • If an update is available, install it using the on-screen instructions.

2: Repair The Erroneous Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Close active applications and open the Run Window (Windows + R).
  • Now, in Run box, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit the Enter button.
  • Next, select Adobe Reader, followed by selecting the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Moving ahead, click Next and then the Install option.
  • Now, click Finish to close the task.

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

QuickBooks PDF and Print repair tool is an excellent utility from Intuit, which repairs the print and PDF related functions in the program. To can run it from within the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which stores the tools for resolving different QuickBooks problems.

1: Download and Install The QuickBooks Tool Hub 

  • Visit Intuit’s website on your browser and download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Go to the folder containing the downloaded executable file QuickBooksToolHub.exe and run it.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Once it is successfully installed, agree to the terms and conditions, and it will be ready to use.

2: Utilize QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool 

  • When in QuickBooks Tool Hub, navigate through the list of QuickBooks issues and select the Program Problems tab.
  • It will enable you to start using the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair tool.
  • Wait for the tool to resolve the print-related issues in QuickBooks and then check if the QuickBooks is able to perform the current action.

Solution 4: Enable Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Enable Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Sometimes, we fail to determine that the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is disabled, and it is causing the Windows 11 QuickBooks missing PDF component problem. Therefore, turning it on can resolve the issue.

  • Open Run Window using the shortcut keys Windows + R and type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run window.
  • Hit the Enter button and then click on the Turn Windows features on or off option to proceed further.
  • Tick-mark the checkbox against Microsoft XPS Document Writer and if it is not already marked.
  • After that, try to print reports or save something in .PDF format to verify if the Quickbooks pdf missing component error is resolved.

Solution 5: Reconfigure Your Temp Folder Permissions

Insufficient permissions to access the file needed to print PDF can prevent the print task. Here, you can reset the temp folder permissions to resolve the printing issue in QuickBooks. The below-stated steps can help:

  • Press the Windows and R keys together, and it will open the Run window.
  • When it shows a dialogue box on your screen, type “%TEMP%” and hit the Enter button.
  • When in the Temp folder, right-click anywhere in the empty area and then select Properties from the drop-down list.
Reconfigure Your Temp Folder Permissions
  • Here, you need to click on the Security tab, located right underneath the Temp Properties header.
  • Now, check one by one and confirm that all the user names and groups are enabled with Full Control.
  • If not, you can edit the permissions for any user name or group to Full Control in the same Temp Properties window.
  • Under the Security tab, click the Edit button and mark the checkbox for Allow right next to the Full Control option.
  • After modifying the settings, try to print your documents and check the error resolution status.

Solution 6: Make PDF Viewer Your Default Program

QuickBooks missing PDF component error can be prevented if you have PDF viewer set up as default. If you haven’t already configured it, do it now by implementing these steps:

  • At the beginning of the task, you need to select the Settings icon from the Start menu.
  • You can Choose Apps to make them your Default Apps.
  • In the list of the installed programs, locate .PDF and then choose a default program for it to be installed in your system.
  • In the end, click on the Switch Anyway option to conclude this process.
  • It will help you eliminate the QuickBooks missing PDF component Windows 11 issue. 

Solution 7: Reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer If Nothing Works

While printing inside QuickBooks, you may get error if the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is damaged or missing. If repairing the Microsoft XPS Document Writer doesn’t work, then you will have to reinstall it for the error resolution.

  • On your Windows system, go to the Control Panel and open the Devices and Printers window.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on Add a printer option.
  • Now, click on the radio button for Existing Port and then select “PORTPROMPT” using the drop-down arrow. 
  • Next, in the Add Printer window, select Microsoft for Manufacturer and Microsoft XPS Document Writer for Printers. 
  • Click the Next button, replace the current driver, and name the printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer. 
  • Again, click Next, and rename your printer with Microsoft XPS Document Writer. 
  • Unmark the checkbox and hit Finish to make XPS your default printer. 

Winding Up!

If you are someone who is experiencing the QuickBooks 2023 missing PDF component Windows 11 issue, then this post will certainly help you. When implementing the procedures, you need to take the utmost cautions to ensure their effectiveness. If you need further assistance from a live expert, you can reach out to the QuickBooks help desk.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

After repairing the XPS Document Writer, if you want to check if you can print with it, below are some easy steps to determine it:

  • When getting the error, access the Notepad on your computer.
  • Next, type Test into it, then go to File and choose Print.
  • Moving ahead, you need to choose the XPS Document Writer and click Print.
  • Here, you can Rename the file and save it to your Desktop.
  • Now check the XPS document you have printed from your Notepad.

Before you move ahead with the error resolution, you need to check and confirm that the problem is not with the printer. To verify this, you need to print outside the QuickBooks using the printer. Also, you need to make sure that the power is turned on, and all the wires are properly plugged in.

The QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool resolves multiple printing issues in the program, such as:

  • PDF Converter is not showing online.
  • Inability to print to the printer.
  • QuickBooks software is not responding.
  • Unable to save as .PDF in QuickBooks.
  • Unrecoverable error in QuickBooks.
  • You can’t print transactions or reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

Qbprint.qbp file is used to store the information about the printer setup and customization of your forms. When it gets damaged, you may experience issues when printing documents in QuickBooks. In such a case, you can rename it with a few simple steps:

  • Navigate to the folder containing the Qbprint.qbp file and then locate the file with this extension.
  • After finding this file, right-click on it and select Rename from the drop-down list.
  • Add .OLD at the end of the file name to resolve the QuickBooks missing PDF component error.
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